TICA International Winners 2003-2004

Ristokat Himalayans & Persians

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ShowCatsOnline.com is happy to present the International Winners for 2003-2004 in TICA, The International Cat Association.


International Winners
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Best Cat  

HMS Montgomery of Chaucer - British Shorthair

2nd Best Cat  
Elamante Ammon - Abyssinian
3rd Best Cat  
Lunarcoons Copernicus - Maine Coon
4th Best Cat  
Zukadream To The Victory of Attsumi - Persian
5th Best Cat  
Sarajen Scoresby - Maine Coon
6th Best Cat  
Laceys Monet of Kingsransome - Sphynx
7th Best Cat  
Minusdetails Northern Exposure - Cymric
8th Best Cat  
Talisker Laurent - Russian Blue
9th Best Cat  
Alnakeed Opium of Newtajmahal - Sphynx
10th Best Cat  
Shonacats Crystal Black - Maine Coon
11th Best Cat  
Rhamjoge Go Vangough of Mistyridge -Persian
12th Best Cat  
Budmar Joe Cool of Whozz - Persian
13th Best Cat  
Cooncreole Michail - Siberian
14th Best Cat  
Tassam Kouger - Oriental Shorthair
15th Best Cat  
Aristo Limaz Chief Nacona - Norwegian Forest Cat
16th Best Cat  
Sazikatz Dream Catcher of Luvpurrs - Tonkinese
17th Best Cat  
Cedarvalley Evening Shade - Persian
18th Best Cat  
Moulincrecy Totem - Maine Coon
19th Best Cat  
Lofoten Muriel - Siamese
20th Best Cat  
Purrsession Snowbelle - Persian
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Best Kitten  

Pizzacata April Shower of KabobKats - Persian

2nd Best Kitten  
Sunstone Kilimanjaro of Samphire - Ocicat
3rd Best Kitten  
LAPD Shooter - Maine Coon
4th Best Kitten  
Lunarcoons Copernicus - Maine Coon
5th Best Kitten  
Cooncreole Treskuchiy Moroz Mur - Siberian
6th Best Kitten  
Inkblotz Twinkle Toes - British Shorthair
7th Best Kitten  
Tassam Kougar - Oriental Shorthair
8th Best Kitten  
Laceys Fiona of Wildwood - Sphynx
9th Best Kitten  
Desentrechats Une Histoire - Abyssinian
10th Best Kitten  
Tassam Klip Purr - Balinese
11th Best Kitten  
Whozz Thom Trifek - Persian
12th Best Kitten  
Celticpride Brenainn - Maine Coon
13th Best Kitten  
Coonbitzky Dillon The Bandit - Maine Coon
14th Best Kitten  
Bridlewood A License To Thrill - Bengal
15th Best Kitten  
Tassam Kossack - Siamese
16th Best Kitten  
Mainette P S I Love You of MTNest - Maine Coon
17th Best Kitten  
Laceys Monet of Kingsransom - Sphynx
18th Best Kitten  
Whozz Patant Pending - Persian
19th Best Kitten  
Marvonack The Legend Lives On - Exotic Shorthair
20th Best Kitten  
Wildlove Kid Rock - Bengal
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Best Alter  

Myshadows Princess Myra - Persian

2nd Best Alter  
Cedarvalley Triple B of Vanceland - Persian
3rd Best Alter  
LAPD Beretta - Maine Coon
4th Best Alter  
Holdermaines Lil Pink Thing - Maine Coon
5th Best Alter  
Sunstone Kilimanjaro of Samphire - Ocicat
6th Best Alter  
Myrlyn Fancybluwrapper of Samphire - Siamese
7th Best Alter  
Shadowstar Karmack of Krutherskats - Siamese
8th Best Alter  
HMS Gamma Rose - British Shorthair
9th Best Alter  
Ladar Candle In The Wind - Persian
10th Best Alter  
Karissimakat Emmeline of Caligula - Himalayan
11th Best Alter  
Cortines Voracious Prince PJ - Cornish Rex
12th Best Alter  
Pzazz Australian Koala - Oriental Shorthair
13th Best Alter  
Tassam Harry Hogwarts - Balinese
14th Best Alter  
Kim-Con’s Camelot - Exotic Shorthair
15th Best Alter  
Tassam Klip Purr of St. Valentine - Balinese
16th Best Alter  
Mainesqueeze Casey - Maine Coon
17th Best Alter  
Naturskat’s Jacobs Ladder of Norja - Norwegian Forest Cat
18th Best Alter  
Heartbeeps Jose Cuervo - Russian Blue
19th Best Alter  
Ankhamun Vin Diesel of Utopia - Sphynx
20th Best Alter  
Sazikatz Sister Goldenhair - Tonkinese
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