TICA International Winners 2004-2005

Ristokat Himalayans & Persians

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ShowCatsOnline.com is happy to present the International Winners for 2004-2005 in TICA, The International Cat Association.


International Winners
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Best Cat  

Purrsession Snowbelle - Persian

2nd Best Cat  
Sazikatz Dream Catcher of Luvpurrs - Tonkinese
3rd Best Cat  
LAPD Hot Purrsuit - Maine Coon
4th Best Cat  
Cooncreole Michail - Siberian
5th Best Cat  
Laceys Fiona of Wildwood - Sphynx
6th Best Cat  
Elamante Rashid Eben Amir - Abyssinian
7th Best Cat  
Purrsession Oliver of Woodlyn - Persian
8th Best Cat  
Broadsway Redding - Maine Coon
9th Best Cat  
Starberian Kodiak of Bewitched - Siberian
10th Best Cat  
McInkats Annie Oakley - Oriental Shorthair
11th Best Cat  
Alnakeed Malika of Newtajmahal - Sphynx
12th Best Cat  
Bluegrasrags Southern Comfort - Ragdoll
13th Best Cat  
Suwannee Fudge Ripple - Bengal
14th Best Cat  
Tassam Silver Legacy - Oriental Shorthair
15th Best Cat  
Budmar Cary Grant of JCV - Persian
16th Best Cat  
L Amour de La Vie Enrique - Persian
17th Best Cat (tie)  
Marchhare R Ichitaro - Burmese
17th Best Cat (tie)  
Rockyblu Julian - Russian Blue
19th Best Cat  
Woodpile Hoot N Holler - Maine Coon
20th Best Cat  
Balimoor Angel From Heaven - Balinese
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Best Kitten  

LAPD Hot Purrsuit - Maine Coon

2nd Best Kitten  
Whozz Frosted Flakes - Persian
3rd Best Kitten  
Tassam Silver Legacy - Oriental Shorthair
4th Best Kitten  
Elamante Rashid Eben Amir - Abyssinian
5th Best Kitten  
Candirand Christina of Kabobkats - Persian
6th Best Kitten  
Budmar Cary Grant of JCV - Persian
7th Best Kitten  
Folderol Its Hpnotiq of Jasmintea - Longhair Scottish Fold
8th Best Kitten  
Broadsway Redding - Maine Coon
9th Best Kitten  
Plaidplus Admiral Nelson of HMS - British Shorthair
10th Best Kitten  
Classicalcats Valentino - Sphynx
11th Best Kitten  
Tassam Kylana - Siamese
12th Best Kitten  
Mainette Rojo Diablo - Maine Coon
13th Best Kitten (tie)  
HMS Etta James - British Shorthair
13th Best Kitten (tie)  
Chaparral From The Twilight Zone - Singapura
15th Best Kitten  
Tassam Kobi of Sehnsational - Balinese
16th Best Kitten  
Hojpoj Aztec of Mainesqueeze - Oriental Shorthair
17th Best Kitten  
Cattycats Futs Long of McInkats - Oriental Shorthair
18th Best Kitten  
Purrkats Oops A Daisy - Exotic
19th Best Kitten  
Tassam Chakra - Oriental Shorthair
20th Best Kitten  
Ciara Vol Au Vent of Samphire - Chartreux
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Best Alter  

Sunstone Kilimanjaro of Samphire - Ocicat

2nd Best Alter  
Minusdetails Short Assets - Cymric
3rd Best Alter  
Tassam Klip Purr of St Valentine - Balinese
4th Best Alter  
Minusdetails Hardtobehumble - Cymric
5th Best Alter  
Alu Q T - Exotic
6th Best Alter  
Purrsession Oscar - Persian
7th Best Alter (tie)  
Cedarvalley Storm Chaser - Persian
7th Best Alter (tie)  
Elamante Amir Salem - Abyssinian
9th Best Alter  
Pinecoon Rolling Thunder - Maine Coon
10th Best Alter  
Bluegrasrags Angel Gabriel - Ragdoll
11th Best Alter  
Casa Decano Buckler Boy - Oriental Shorthair
12th Best Alter  
Karissimakat Isabella of Caligula - Himalayan
13th Best Alter  
Dbcats Ozzy of Abracurldabra - Shorthair American Curl
14th Best Alter  
Marleevo's Take It 2 The Next Level - Exotic
15th Best Alter  
Saroko Noni - Siamese
16th Best Alter  
Ouijakatz Skylar - Norwegian Forest Cat
17th Best Alter  
Day Oh Hearts Desire of Furrdreams - Persian
18th Best Alter  
Willowplace Emperor Salo - Maine Coon
19th Best Alter  
Mykat Pecos Bill - Maine Coon
20th Best Alter  
Budmar Priceless of Whose - Persian
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