TICA International Winners 2005-2006

Ristokat Himalayans & Persians

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ShowCatsOnline.com is happy to present the International Winners for 2005-2006 in TICA, The International Cat Association.

International Winners
'- -
Best Cat  

Classicalcats Valentino - Sphynx

2nd Best Cat  
Purrsession Oliver of Woodlyn - Persian
3rd Best Cat  
Plaidplus Admiral Nelson of HMS - British Shorthair
4th Best Cat  
Whozz Tonka Toi of Shaynacats - Persian
5th Best Cat  
Starberian Kodiak of Bewitched - Siberian
6th Best Cat  
Laziblues Earl Grey - British Shorthair
7th Best Cat  
Faerietail Dougal of Happy Endings - Manx
8th Best Cat  
Balimoor Snow In Summer - Oriental Longhair
9th Best Cat  
Catzanova Versace - Somali
10th Best Cat  
Glor-ee Genghis Khan - Siamese
11th Best Cat  
Expresivepixie Tim McGraw - Pixiebob
12th Best Cat  
Purrsession Frosty The Snowman - Persian
13th Best Cat  
Susitna Double Delight of Purfur - Havana Brown
14th Best Cat  
Chaucer's Ophelia - British Shorthair
15th Best Cat  
Grazcats Sarastro - Exotic Shorthair
16th Best Cat  
Bengaland Arctic Hooter - Bengal
17th Best Cat   
LAPD D A Dash of Galadriel - Maine Coon
18th Best Cat   
Cattycats Qian Tang - Oriental Shorthair
19th Best Cat  
RKGems Magnum P Iolite of Mistory - Scottish Fold
20th Best Cat  
Sehnsational Samson of Balcatta - Balinese
'- -
Best Kitten  

Whozz Tonka Toi of Shaynacats - Persian

2nd Best Kitten  
Purrsession Frosty The Snowman - Persian
3rd Best Kitten  
Candirand High Falutin of Kabobkats - Persian
4th Best Kitten  
Smokeycoons Here Comes The Sun - Maine Coon
5th Best Kitten  
Wildlove Sudden Impact of Junglejem - Bengal
6th Best Kitten  
Aradia Flyinhigh Defying Gravity - Abyssinian
7th Best Kitten  
LAPD D A Dash of Galadriel - Maine Coon
8th Best Kitten  
Kenkat Splendid Affair of Wallycats - Persian
9th Best Kitten  
Owhl Ready Willing And Mabel - Scottish Fold
10th Best Kitten  
HMS Prescott of Chaucer - British Shorthair
11th Best Kitten  
Minusdetails Sparkle Plenty - Cymric
12th Best Kitten  
Saroko Nite Rider - Oriental Shorthair
13th Best Kitten   
Balimoor Ding Dong Belle - Oriental Longhair
14th Best Kitten   
Newtajmahal Angelina Jolie - Sphynx
15th Best Kitten  
Sehnsational Samson of Balcatta - Balinese
16th Best Kitten  
Elamante Nefthys - Abyssinian
17th Best Kitten  
Wizardgate Daddy's Girl - Sphynx
18th Best Kitten  
Susitna Double Delight of Purfur - Havana Brown
19th Best Kitten  
WHF Silver Storm - Selkirk Rex Longhair
20th Best Kitten  
Mainette Pocket Aces - Maine Coon
'- -
Best Alter  

Panei Whispurr Sweet Secrets - Exotic Shorthair

2nd Best Alter  
Ciara Volauvent of Samphire - Chartreux
3rd Best Alter  
Minusdetails DKNY of Krutherskats - Cymric
4th Best Alter  
HMS Boots And Spurs - British Shorthair
5th Best Alter  
Kitcorp Masquerade of Purrsession - Persian
6th Best Alter  
Holdermaines Prowler - Maine Coon
7th Best Alter   
Soft Paws Jokers Wild - Exotic Shorthair
8th Best Alter   
Aradia's Lady Isis Nightmoon Realm - Abyssinian
9th Best Alter  
Smokeycoons Amigo - Maine Coon
10th Best Alter  
Fanci FX Sundance - Persian
11th Best Alter  
Sayang Tablet - Singapura
12th Best Alter  
Bluegrasrags Peanut Buster Parfait - Ragdoll
13th Best Alter  
Laki's Meetjoeblack of Ringapurr - Burmese
14th Best Alter  
Kazzakatz Carmen By Bizet - Birman
15th Best Alter  
Catnbeary's Charlie Brown - American Shorthair
16th Best Alter  
Tassam Klip Purr of St Valentine - Balinese
17th Best Alter  
Sasazukaboy Dance In The Dark - Abyssinian
18th Best Alter  
Whozz Johnny B Good of Tinytales - Persian
19th Best Alter  
Kariam's Butterfly - Birman
20th Best Alter  
Cooncreole Oblieo - Siberian

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