TICA International Winners 2006-2007

Ristokat Himalayans & Persians

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ShowCatsOnline.com is happy to present the International Winners for 2006-2007 in TICA, The International Cat Association.

International Winners
Best Cat  
Purrsession Frosty The Snowman - White Persian
2nd Best Cat  
HMS Prescott of Chaucer - Blue/White British Shorthair
3rd Best Cat  
Mtnest Nevermore - Black Maine Coon
4th Best Cat  
Newtajmahal Angelina Jolie - Black Tortie/White Sphynx
5th Best Cat  
Dreamharts Miss Chiff of Ahura - Black Tortie/White Persian
6th Best Cat  
Terrificats Creme Soda - Red Silver McTabby/White Maine Coon
7th Best Cat  
Longview Alexanders Ragtime Band - Chartreux
8th Best Cat  
Catzanova Arizona Dream - Cinnamon Ticked Tabby Somali
9th Best Cat  
Wallycats Fabulous Baker Boy - Black Persian
10th Best Cat  
Wizardgate Daddys Girl - Blue Point/White Sphynx
11th Best Cat  
Apollon Du Nid Douillet - Cream/White Persian
12th Best Cat  
Luvpurrs Ice Age of Sazikatz - Lilac Mink Tonkinese
13th Best Cat  
Rustling Trucker of Thistlevine - Blue/White British Shorthair
14th Best Cat  
Mtnest Rive Gauche - Black Tortie Maine Coon
15th Best Cat  
Mainelyclassic Night Stalker - Black Maine Coon
16th Best Cat  
Cattycats Lord Kobori Enshu - Chocolate Silver Spotted Tabby Oriental Shorthair
17th Best Cat  
Rockyblu Sealan - Russian Blue
18th Best Cat  
Whozz Kaleidoscope - Black Tortie/White Persian
19th Best Cat  
Riterags Myblueheaven of Rockcreek - Blue Point Bicolor Ragdoll
20th Best Cat  
Windwalker Wonder - Brown Tabby Maine Coon
Best Kitten   
Ladifference Bimbo At The Disco - Ruddy Ticked Tabby Abyssinian
2nd Best Kitten  
Woodpile Tumbleweed - Sable Ticked Tabby Singapura
3rd Best Kitten  
Cattycats Lord Kobori Enshu - Chocolate Silver Spotted Tabby Oriental Shorthair
4th Best Kitten  
LAPD Arrest Me Red - Red Tabby/White Maine Coon
5th Best Kitten  
Sarajen Bellini - Black Smoke Tortie Maine Coon
6th Best Kitten  
Kissables Montana Sky of Alizara - Blue McTorbie/White Persian
7th Best Kitten  
Kingsransom Isabel - Brown Torbie/White Sphynx
8th Best Kitten  
Felichaun Derek Jeter of Glor-ee - Brown Spotted Tabby Oriental Shorthair
9th Best Kitten  
Mainette Philosophers Stone - Black Silver Tabby/White Maine Coon
9th Best Kitten  
Forestkatz Treat - Brown Tabby/White Norwegian Forest Cat
11th Best Kitten  
Gizana Say Goodnight Gracie - Brown Spotted Tabby Exotic Shorthair
12th Best Kitten  
Pirateslair Dyn O Mite - Blue Point Birman
13th Best Kitten  
Newtajmahal Stonewash - Chocolate Tortie/White Sphynx
14th Best Kitten  
Kingofhearts Prince Nishan - Black Silver Tabby American Shorthair
15th Best Kitten  
Furrdreams Buffer Zone - Cream Persian
16th Best Kitten  
Mtnest Midnight Cowboy - Black Maine Coon
17th Best Kitten  
Aradia The Devil Wears Prada - Ruddy Ticked Tabby Abyssinian
18th Best Kitten  
Hillstblues Mufasa of Kalanikats - Ruddy Ticked Tabby Somali
19th Best Kitten  
Thecatslove Billy Boy - Bombay
20th Best Kitten  
Wallycats Fireball - Red Persian
Best Premier  
Candirand High Falutin of Kabobkats - Red Tabby Persian
2nd Best Premier  
Ciara Vol Au Vent of Samphire - Chartreux
3rd Best Premier  
LAPD Shooter - Brown Tabby Maine Coon
4th Best Premier  
Kazzakatz Carmen By Bizet - Chocolate Point Birman
5th Best Premier  
Kittamer Vauxhall - Chocolate Silver Spotted Tabby Oriental Shorthair
6th Best Premier  
Inkblotz Harmon Rabb of Hojpoj - Brown Spotted Tabby British Shorthair
7th Best Premier  
Karissimakat Bear Bryant of Higrove - Seal Point Himalayan
8th Best Premier  
Rexdancer Mambo King - Red McTabby/White Cornish Rex
9th Best Premier  
Expresivepixie Dunn of Purfur - Brown Spotted Tabby Pixiebob
10th Best Premier  
Panei Whispurr Sweet Secrets - White Exotic Shorthair
11th Best Premier  
Minusdetails Gil Galad - Red Tabby Cymric
12th Best Premier  
Elamante horus Hathor - Cinnamon Ticked Tabby Abyssinian
13th Best Premier  
Kabelkim Seamus Ruidh of Dramatails - Red Tabby Manx
14th Best Premier  
Pentaclecats Ring O Fire - Cinnamon Ticked Tabby Abyssinian
15th Best Premier  
Mymains Nimrodel - Black Silver Torbie Maine Coon
16th Best Premier  
Laki Ashlynne of Ringapurr - Sable Burmese
17th Best Premier  
Bluegrasrags Angel Gabriel - Seal Point Bicolor Ragdoll
18th Best Premier  
Arietta Zafir Asad of Turkhaven - Black Silver Spotted Tabby Egyptian Mau
19th Best Premier  
Prophecy's Deceitful De Lila - Blue Mink Tortie/White Sphynx
20th Best Premier  
Soft Paws Just Dandy - Brown Tabby Exotic Shorthair

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