TICA International Winners 2007-2008

Ristokat Himalayans & Persians

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ShowCatsOnline.com is happy to present the International Winners for 2007-2008 in TICA, The International Cat Association.



Best Cat    Mtnest Midnight Cowboy - Black Maine Coon
2nd Best Cat    Luvpurrs Ice Age of Sazikatz - Lilac Mink Tonkinese
3rd Best Cat    Catbalu Indiana - Red & White Selkirk Rex
4th Best Cat    L Amour De La Vie Enrique of Albedo - Blue Tabby Persian
5th Best Cat    Sunstone Heat Wave of Salatana - Chocolate Spotted Ocicat
6th Best Cat    Mtnest Dark Side O The Moon - Black Maine Coon
7th Best Cat    Melody's Arkansas - Blue Point Himalayan
8th Best Cat    Elamante Annhu - Ruddy Abyssinian
9th Best Cat    Vador Du Prince De La Nuit - Black Smoke Persian
10th Best Cat    Cattycats Lord Kobori Enshu - Chocolate Silver Spotted Tabby Oriental Shorthair
11th Best Cat    Quinsigamond Johan - Brown McTabby & White Norwegian Forest Cat
12th Best Cat    Echoglen Sampson of Catnip - Blue Point Bicolor Ragdoll
13th Best Cat    Kokopellirex Everett - Black & White Cornish Rex
14th Best Cat    LAPD Sex Pistol - Brown McTabby & White Maine Coon
15th Best Cat    Starghatts Deryni of Pirateslair - Lilac Point Birman
16th Best Cat    Zeedaz Nikila - Blue Lynx Point Siamese
17th Best Cat    Smoothies Nudie Garland - Black Sphynx
18th Best Cat    Batifoleurs Wild Illusion - Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal
19th Best Cat    Kelloggs Love Echoes On - Silver Tabby American Shorthair
20th Best Cat    Lostcoast Abreu - Brown McTabby Maine Coon



Best Kitten    Kelloggs Love Echoes On - Silver Tabby American Shorthair
2nd Best Kitten    Elamante Annhu - Ruddy Abyssinian
3rd Best Kitten    Mtnest Dark Side O The Moon - Black Maine Coon
4th Best Kitten    Shaynacats Soars Like N Eagle Scout - Brown Tabby & White Persian
5th Best Kitten    LAPD Sex Pistol - Brown McTabby & White Maine Coon
6th Best Kitten    Aradia Fenwick Isles Hobgoblin - Ruddy Abyssinian
7th Best Kitten    Katsnjazz Avalon - White Turkish Angora
8th Best Kitten    Cascademtn Deschutes - Blue McTabby Maine Coon
9th Best Kitten    Bewitched Great Balls O Fire - Red McTabby Siberian
10th Best Kitten    El-Dia Winter Magic of Synergy - Blue Lynx Point Siamese
11th Best Kitten    Hillstblues Blazing Orange Cloud - Ruddy Somali
12th Best Kitten    Woodlyn Foxglove - Cream Persian
13th Best Kitten    Whozz Hiram Walker - Brown Tabby & White Persian
14th Best Kitten    Berryhille High Hope of Tinaz - Brown Torbie & White Persian
15th Best Kitten    Cascademtn McKenzie - Red McTabby Maine Coon
16th Best Kitten    Kokopellirex Lucas of Kingsransom - Black & White Cornish Rex
17th Best Kitten    Sibano Sienna Snap - Brown Patched McTabby Siberian
18th Best Kitten    Ladiluck Butterbean of Gizana - Cream Tabby Exotic Shorthair
19th Best Kitten    Minusdetails Big Bopper - Cymric
20th Best Kitten    Marvonack Gala Colors - Brown Torbie & White Exotic Shorthair



Best Alter    HMS Prescott of Chaucer - British Shorthair
2nd Best Alter    Javacats Dyna Glide of Mymains - Maine Coon
3rd Best Alter    Minusdetails Natalie Attired - Manx
4th Best Alter    Salatana Hector - Siamese
5th Best Alter    Pentaclecats Ring O Fire - Abyssinian
6th Best Alter    Catnbeary Charlie Brown - American Shorthair
7th Best Alter    Kingofhearts Prince Nishan - American Shorthair
8th Best Alter    Sarsenstone Jet Teausson - Siamese
9th Best Alter    Mirrikat Hawkeye - Abyssinian
10th Best Alter    Bellesandbeaux Once Upon A Dream - Snowshoe
11th Best Alter    Megacoon Walkin Tall of Mtncats - Maine Coon
12th Best Alter    Bluegrasrags Southern Pride - Ragdoll
13th Best Alter    Expresivepixie Dunn of Purfur - Pixiebob
14th Best Alter    Pointocurl Erast Fandorin - Longhair American Curl
15th Best Alter    Angelsark Liza Skinnelli - Sphynx
16th Best Alter    Cooncreole Simba - Siberian
17th Best Alter    Forestkatz Treat - Norwegian Forest Cat
18th Best Alter    Kabelkim Shem - Cymric
19th Best Alter    Mainewalk Jelena - Maine Coon
20th Best Alter    Woodpile Tumbleweed - Singapura

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