TICA International Winners 2011-2012

Ristokat Himalayans & Persians

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ShowCatsOnline.com is happy to present the International Winners for 2011-2012 in TICA, The International Cat Association.



Best Cat    IW SGC Nuit Magiques Ellington of Yvarie- Black Persian
2nd Best Cat    IW SGC Kiyaras Hancock - Black Silver Tabby/White Maine Coon
3rd Best Cat    IW SGC Javacats Macchiato of Coonalley - Brown Tabby/White Maine Coon
4th Best Cat     IW SGC CowboyCasanova of Speakeasy - Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal
5th Best Cat    IW SGC Luvpurrs Prince Dakkar - Lilac Mink Tonkinese
6th Best Cat    IW SGC Spice Red Hot Chili Pepper - Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal
7th Best Cat    IW SGC Amisti Alabama - Lilac Lynx Point Birman
8th Best Cat    IW SGC Brettonpark On Target - Black Persian
9th Best Cat    IW SGC Mtnest Prince William - Brown Tabby/White Maine Coon
10th Best Cat    IW SGC Whozz Buster Brown of A'Tien - Brown Tabby/White Exotic Shorthair
11th Best Cat    IW SGC Wallycats Be My Baby - Black Persian
12th Best Cat    IW SGC Britishkings Dolce - Blue British Shorthair
13th Best Cat    IW SGC Skyota Kiyonari - Blue/White Selkirk Rex
14th Best Cat    IW SGC Omniamea Ouia Nominor Leo - Ruddy Abyssinian
15th Best Cat    IW SGC Radiance Black Diamond of Pawsdlite - Brown Spotted Tabby/White Oriental Shorthair
16th Best Cat    IW SGC Pajocoons Dynamite- Brown Tabby Maine Coon
17th Best Cat    IW SGC Amenophis Gus of Truecolors - Singapura
18th Best Cat    IW SGC Calirags Blue Jean of Cajunragdolls - Seal Tortie Point/Mitted Ragdoll
19th Best Cat    IW SGC Anglarnas Viper of Richibell/FI - Chocolate Tortie Cornish Rex
20th Best Cat     IW TGC Dairine Magic Star - Black Tortie/White Cornish Rex
21st Best Cat     IW SGC Osiris V Oz Influence of Kenzoo/GC - Ruddy Abyssinian
22nd Best Cat    IW SGC Leostar Blueni - Blue Exotic Shorthair
23rd Best Cat    IW SGC Skeenville Bruce Springskeen - Blue/White Sphynx
24th Best Cat (tie)    IW SGC Majorus Finnegas - Cinnamon Silver Somali
24th Best Cat (tie)    IW SGC LAPD Beach Heat - Brown Tabby Maine Coon



Best Kitten    IW Kelimcoons Don Cesar of Sarajen - Brown Tabby/White Maine Coon
2nd Best Kitten    IW LAPD Beach Heat - Brown Tabby Maine Coon
3rd Best Kitten    IW Morado Deja Bleu of Fortuity - Blue/White Exotic Shorthair
4th Best Kitten    IW Bajimbi Waratah Wind of McInkats - Chocolate Silver Tabby Oriental Shorthair
5th Best Kitten    IW Foresthunter Northern Dancer - Brown Spotted Tabby Pixiebob
6th Best Kitten    IW Kelloggs Heart Breaker - Silver Tabby American Shorthair
7th Best Kitten    IW Synergy Macchiato - Brown Spotted Tabby Oriental Shorthair
8th Best Kitten    IW Mtnest Kiss Me Kate - Black Tortie/White Maine Coon
9th Best Kitten    IW Gimme A Kiss De Charme Vauban/ID - Chocolate Tortie/White British Longhair
10th Best Kitten    IW Gizana Chocolate Chip - Brown Spotted Tabby Exotic Shorthair
11th Best Kitten    IW Melody's Ghost/FI - Seal Point Himalayan
12th Best Kitten    IW Ironforge Full Throttle - Silver Tabby American Shorthair
13th Best Kitten    IW Kelloggs Ace Of Spades/CF - Silver Tabby American Shorthair
14th Best Kitten     IW CowboyCasanova of Speakeasy - Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal
15th Best Kitten     IW Furreal Cielitos Omega - Seal Point/Bicolor Ragdoll
16th Best Kitten    IW Marvonack Bernadini - Brown Spotted Tabby/White Exotic Shorthair
17th Best Kitten    IW Gossip Girl Du Temple Des Pharoa/WC - Black Tortie/White Cornish Rex
18th Best Kitten    IW Skeenville Bruce Springskeen - Blue/White Sphynx
19th Best Kitten    IW Windwalker Kensington - Brown Tabby Maine Coon
20th Best Kitten    IW Rumfoldru Spirit - Cream Smoke/White LH Scottish Fold
21st Best Kitten    IW Ironforge Thousands Cheered - Silver Tabby/White American Shorthair
22nd Best Kitten    IW Coonificent Cody - Brown Tabby Maine Coon
23rd Best Kitten    IW Amayalynx Hirschfeld of Mtnest - Black/White Maine Coon
24th Best Kitten    IW Cullykhan Scent Of A Rose/GC - Black Tortie/White Persian
25th Best Kitten    IW Minusdetails Heirhead - White Cymric



Best Alter    IW SGCA Sunsoar Sambucca of Bryndiar/CF - Black Exotic Shorthair
2nd Best Alter    IW SGCA Vanir Harry Potter - Brown Tabby/White Norwegian Forest Cat
3rd Best Alter    IW SGCA Vanir Ullr Mountain Explorer - Blue Tabby/White Norwegian Forest Cat
4th Best Alter    IW SGCA Karissimakat Alistair Appleton - Red/White Persian
5th Best Alter    IW SGCA Eeyaa Pacesetter - Brown McTabby Toyger
6th Best Alter    IW SGCA Pamspersians Mickey D of Ahura - Red/White Persian
7th Best Alter    IW SGCA Kelloggs Hit The Lights - Silver Tabby American Shorthair
8th Best Alter    IW SGCA Kelloggs Sweet Emotion - Silver Tabby American Shorthair
9th Best Alter    IW SGC Pirateslair Heave Ho - Blue Point Birman
10th Best Alter    IW SGCA Godz Gideon of Skeenville - Black/White Sphynx
11th Best Alter    IW SGCA Amisti Parlak Yildiz - Red/White Turkish Van
12th Best Alter    IW SGCA Sazikatz Mickey Fin of Mixologies - Lilac Point Tonkinese
13th Best Alter    IW SGCA Balimoor WhiteLightnin of Autumsun - White Oriental Longhair
14th Best Alter    IW SGCA Amber Fox Jubatus/WC - Brown Spotted Tabby Oriental Shorthair
15th Best Alter    IW SGCA Mainesuspect Sammie Natango - Brown Tabby/White Maine Coon
16th Best Alter    IW SGCA Balimoor Blue Angel - Blue Point Balinese
17th Best Alter    IW SGCA Grandbois Etienne Guittard - Chartreux
18th Best Alter    IW SGCA Ginchika Yoshiwara Gin Tora - Black Silver Spotted Tabby/White Japanese Bobtail
19th Best Alter    IW SGCA Myshadows Muncy of C'Dimira/CF - Cream Persian
20th Best Alter    IW SGCA Owlsdene Hearts Desire - Brown Marbled Tabby Bengal
21st Best Alter    IW SGCA Pirateslair Dressed To Impress - Chocolate Spotted Tabby American Bobtail
22nd Best Alter    IW SGCA Azureblue Rouelle The Sheep - Black/White Selkirk Rex
23rd Best Alter    IW SGCA Phatpaws Clufort Wegwood - Blue Point/Bicolor Ragdoll
24th Best Alter    IW SGCA Catcharm Johnny Cash - Cream Persian
25th Best Alter    IW SGC Ksnorskatt Obi Wan Kenobie - Cream Sepia Tonkinese

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