TICA International Winners 2014-2015
by KATHY DURDICK, Ristokat Himalayans & Persians

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ShowCatsOnline.com is happy to present the International Winners for 2014-2015 in The International Cat Association.

TOP 25 Cats

Best Cat IW SGC Dark Angel De Longua Aqua - Black Tortie Persian
2nd Best Cat IW Velvet Queen Che Gavara/CF - Black/White Cornish Rex
3rd Best Cat IW SGC MTNest Le Petit Prince - Brown Tabby/White Maine Coon
4th Best Cat IW SGC Kindofmagic I Dream Romeo - Blue Point/Bicolor Ragdoll
5th Best Cat IW SGC Chemicoons Theos USA Pride Willie - Brown Tabby/White Maine Coon
6th Best Cat IW SGC Zendique Zut Alors - Red/White Persian
7th Best Cat IW Camiel van de Nekker/ID - Blue British Shorthair
8th Best Cat IW SGC Sabrecats Pavarotti of Gigantcat - Brown Tabby/White Maine Coon
9th Best Cat IW SGC Riascatz Sweet Love - Red/White Persian
10th Best Cat IW SGC Amazongold Cameron - Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal
11th Best Cat IW Bastet-Max Hessie/ID - Blue Mink Tortie/White Sphynx
12th Best Cat IW SGC Europa's Drenge Rov/WC - Brown Spotted Tabby/White Norwegian Forest Cat
13th Best Cat IW SGC Ladakedi Lancelot Du Lac - White Turkish Angora
14th Best Cat IW SGC Savoirfaire Wicked Storm - Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal
15th Best Cat IW SGC Insuubunkai Sharon of Ammycrystal - Ruddy Abyssinian
16th Best Cat IW SGC Tassorosso The King of Boofoowoo - Black Persian
17th Best Cat IW SGC Mabuhay Ilonse of Carchet - Chartreux
18th Best Cat IW SGC Medusa Nozomi Nakini Arazu - Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal
19th Best Cat IW SGC Purrsia Elle Sappelle Camille - Black Peterbald
20th Best Cat IW SGC Siempreamar Moves Like Jagger - Seal Point/Bicolor Ragdoll
21st Best Cat IW SGC Cuzzoe Olive of Moro/CF - Black Tortie Persian
22nd Best Cat IW SGC Hojpoj Busy Being Fabulous - Blue Spotted Tabby/White Oriental Shorthair
23rd Best Cat IW SGC Minghou Jolan of Sukhotai - Lilac Point Siamese
24th Best Cat IW SGC Fraservalley Denalis Thunder - Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal
25th Best Cat IW SGC Osterfen Geisha - Chocolate/White Oriental Shorthair

TOP 25 Longhair Cats

13th Best Longhair IW SGC INTOWISHIN LADY GODIVA - Black Tortie/White Norwegian Forest
14th Best Longhair IW SGC SNUGGLERAGS BREAKFAST AT TIFFANYS - Blue Point/Bicolor Ragdoll
15th Best Longhair IW SGC CHIEKO'S DAY DREAM/ID - White Persian
16th Best Longhair IW SGC WILLIAMINA ZERUEL OF OHEDO - White Maine Coon
17th Best Longhair IW SGC ISHCUS HARRISON - Brown (Black) Classic Tabby/White Maine Coon
18th Best Longhair  IW SGC ANOUCHKA JOSEPHINE - Black/White Persian
19th Best Longhair IW SGC DEBUT MOY VEROOKA - Red Classic Tabby/White Siberian
20th Best Longhair IW SGC CLOISTERCOON CALL ME OF ARCHCOONGEL - Blue Ticked Tabby Maine Coon
21st Best Longhair IW SGC FANTARJA PRINCESS OPHELIA - Brown (Black) Classic Tabby/White Norwegian Forest
22nd Best Longhair IW SGC WALLYCATS FAITH - Blue Tortie Persian
23rd Best Longhair IW SGC RUMPLTEEZA THE BLUE DUDE/ID - Blue Mackerel Tabby Maine Coon
24th Best Longhair IW SGC DEABAETE MABEL - Brown (Black) Classic Torbie/White Persian
25th Best Longhair IW SGC LE BEAU MINU SMOKEY ROBINSON - Black Smoke/White Maine Coon

TOP 25 Shorthair Cats

14th Best  Shorthair IW SGC CHIPMUNK SMILEY TOO - Brown (Black) Classic Tabby Oriental Shorthair
15th Best  Shorthair IW SGC TRUEBRIT ST LOUIS BLUE OF OZ CRE/CF - Blue British Shorthair
16th Best Shorthair IW SGC JUNGLETRAX ABIDING OVATION - Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby Bengal
17th Best Shorthair LA SGC DESTYNYS LITTLE BOY BLUE - Blue Classic Tabby/White Sphynx
18th Best Shorthair IW SGC WYNDCHYMES DOCTOR WHO OF BLUEYONDER - Blue/White Japanese Bobtail
19th Best  Shorthair IW SGC CATTREKKER STARGEM - Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby Oriental Shorthair
20th Best  Shorthair IW SGC TASURT AMUN RA OF SONNENBLUME - Brown (Black) Ticked Tabby Chausie
21st Best Shorthair IW SGC BENGALAND MIDAS TOUCH - Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby Bengal
22nd Best Shorthair IW SGC DEABAETE RAI - Cream/White Exotic Shorthair
23rd Best  Shorthair IW SGC CAROCATS SOLO BASHERT/CF - Black Silver Classic Tabby American Shorthair
24th Best  Shorthair IW SGC KHAMSIN TANGLED UP IN MAJIK - Blue Ticked Tabby Abyssinian
25th Best Shorthair IW BOOBELLA MY KINDOFNIGHT - Black/White Exotic Shorthair

Top 25 Kittens

Best Kitten IW Whozz Scooter of A'tien - Brown Tabby/White Exotic Shorthair
2nd Best Kitten IW Furreal Reina Star of Dolcemadre - Blue Point/Bicolor Ragdoll
3rd Best Kitten IW Talisker A Touch O Frost - Russian Blue
4th Best Kitten IW Destynys Mata Hari - Black/White Sphynx
5th Best Kitten IW MTNest Harry Potter - Brown Tabby/White Maine Coon
6th Best Kitten IW Jungletrax Abiding Ovation - Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal
7th Best Kitten IW LAPD Sniper - Brown Tabby Maine Coon
8th Best Kitten IW Pookie Million Reasons of Sezmoi - Blue British Shorthair
9th Best Kitten IW DK Korzhik's Belinda Reus/FI - Red Silver Shaded/White Kurilian Bobtail Longhair
10th Best Kitten IW MTNest Le Petit Prince - Brown Tabby/White Maine Coon
11th Best Kitten IW Eden Romantica Olimpian/FI - Black Silver Shaded Torbie/White Maine Coon
12th Best Kitten IW Versus Takara of Cuzzoe - Brown Tabby/White Maine Coon
13th Best Kitten IW Cuzzoe Fly Me To The Moon - Blue/White Persian
14th Best Kitten IW Mainesuspect Tatoosh of Cascademtn- Brown Tabby/White Maine Coon
14th Best Kitten IW WKeepurrs Kodiac - Seal Point/Bicolor Ragdoll
16th Best Kitten IW Ironforge Burning Down The House - Red Tabby/White American Shorthair
17th Best Kitten IW Miomio Halva - Brown Tabby Scottish Fold Longhair
18th Best Kitten IW Syngery Spica of Kattalyst - Blue Silver Spotted Tabby Oriental Longhair
19th Best Kitten IW Cullykhan Anya - Brown Tabby/White Persian
20th Best Kitten IW Amisti Unawatuna - Cream Silver McTabby/White Kurilian Bobtail Longhair
21st Best Kitten IW Richson Rafiella - Black Silver Tabby American Shorthair
22nd Best Kitten IW MTNest Soichiro - Brown Tabby Maine Coon
23rd Best Kitten IW Mahadevishakti July - Chocolate Mink/White Sphynx
24th Best Kitten IW Sunspirit Armanis Kiss From Heaven - Brown Spotted Tabby/White Exotic Shorthair
25th Best Kitten IW Snugglerags Breakfast At Tiffanys - Blue Point/Bicolor Ragdoll

Top 25 Alters

Best Alter IW SGCA Tasurt Osiris - Black Grizzled Ticked Tabby Chausie
2nd Best Alter LA SGC Purrsession Frosty The Snowman - White Persian
3rd Best Alter IW SGC Sarajen McCarthys - Red Tabby/White Maine Coon
4th Best Alter IW SGCA Sarajen Chivas Regal - Brown Tabby/White Maine Coon
5th Best Alter IW SGCA Instincts In The Spotlight - Black/White Japanese Bobtail
6th Best Alter LA SGCA Branbarrel Troubadour - White Cymric
7th Best Alter LA SGCA Tuftlove Lena Horne Of Koonary - Red Tabby Maine Coon
8th Best Alter LA SGCA Whozz Gustavo of Mowglis - Brown Tabby/White Exotic Shorthair
9th Best Alter IW SGC Overear Stormy Weather - Seal Tortie Point/White American Curl Longhair
10th Best Alter IW SGCA Calicoon Stormy Weather - Brown Tabby Maine Coon
11th Best Alter LA SGCA Beaconwood Cutting Loose - Black/White Cornish Rex
12th Best Alter IW SGCA Vindouro Crazy Train - Bombay
13th Best Alter IW SGC Lil Luv Lyns Charmed To Be Sure - Seal Tortie Point Himalayan
14th Best Alter IW SGCA Alario Joel/FI - Black Oriental Shorthair
15th Best Alter IW SGCA Elkington's Queen of Hearts/ID - Brown Spotted Tabby/White Norwegian Forest Cat
16th Best Alter IW SGCA Ashlin Zots Thenardier/CF - Black Silver Tabby/White Exotic Shorthair
17th Best Alter IW SGCA Altesse Du Nid Douillet - Blue Tortie/White Persian
18th Best Alter LA SGC Softrax SH Boom of Ahura - Black/White Persian
19th Best Alter IW SGC Balimoor Snow Runner - White Oriental Longhair
20th Best Alter IW SGCA Fuzzy-Foot's Domino/CF - Black/White Manx
21st Best Alter IW SGCA Fairymoon Ren - Blue Point/Mitted Ragdoll
22nd Best Alter IW SGCA Autumsun Moonshine - Lilac Tabby Point Balinese
23rd Best Alter IW SGCA Ja-Koi Manatsu No Kajitsu/CF - Red McTabby/White Japanese Bobtail Longhair
24th Best Alter IW SGCA Azureblue Hana Icibaan of Miagola - Black Silver McTabby/White Norwegian Forest Cat
25th Best Alter IW SGC Talisker DR Who - Russian Blue

Top 25 Household Pets

Best HHP LA SGM OBEONEKANOVI OF RUMBLEPUFF - Brown (Black) Mackerel Tabby/White Longhair
2nd Best HHP IW SGM HOT STUFF OF CHRISCHAT - Black Tortie/White Shorthair
3rd Best HHP IW SGM TAILOR SWIFF - Seal Tortie Point/White Shorthair
4th Best HHP IW SGM TIKTOK DONT STOP OF CAREYCATS - Red Ticked Tabby Shorthair
5th Best HHP IW SGM A MOMENT IN TYME - Black Tortie Shorthair
6th Best HHP IW SGM SASSY GOT SWAG - Seal Tortie Point Shorthair
7th Best HHP IW SGM MR SNOWFIRE - Red Point Longhair
8th Best HHP IW SGM BUSTER OF CAJUNRAGDOLLS - Blue Ticked Tabby/White Longhair
9th Best HHP IW SGM HELLO SWEETIE OF WYNDCHYMES - Black Tortie/White Shorthair
11th Best HHP IW SGM WONTON PHANTOM WRAITH - Black Smoke Tortie Longhair
12th Best HHP IW SGM ZENA - Brown (Black) Mackerel Torbie/White Longhair
13th Best HHP IW SGM URSA CORYNNE OF STARKITTIE - Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby Shorthair
14th Best HHP IW SGM CREAMIE CHICKEN SOUP OF SAMPHIRE - Cream Mackerel Tabby Shorthair
16th Best HHP IW SGM ESKIMO - White Longhair
17th Best HHP IW SPLATATOON - Black/White Shorthair
18th Best HHP IW SGM ZEEBAROO - Black Smoke/White Shorthair
19th Best HHP IW SGM CHANEL - Black Tortie Shorthair
20th Best HHP LA SGM MAVERICK - Black/White Longhair
21st Best HHP IW SGM KOBE - Blue Point/White Longhair
22nd Best HHP IW JELLY BEAN - Black Tortie/White Shorthair
23rd Best HHP IW SGM PAINTED LADY - Black Tortie/White Shorthair
24th Best HHP LA SGM AM I BLUE - Blue Shorthair
25th Best HHP LA SGM MISYLITTLE DALE - Black/White Shorthair

Top 25 Household Pet Kittens

Best HHP Kitten IW SCOUT - Black/White Longhair
2nd Best HHP Kitten IW ELSA THE SNOW QUEEN - White Longhair
3rd Best HHP Kitten IW STEINWAY - Black/White Shorthair
4th Best HHP Kitten IW CLEOPATRA IN COLOR - Brown (Black) Classic Torbie/White Longhair
5th Best HHP Kitten IW BEAUDAX - Brown (Black) Mackerel Torbie/White Shorthair
6th Best HHP Kitten IW MR STARBUCKS OF CAROLINAMEOWS - Cream/White Longhair
7th Best HHP Kitten IW TIKTOK DONT STOP OF CAREYCATS - Red Ticked Tabby Shorthair
8th Best HHP Kitten IW ISABEL OF MYSTICPURRZ - Black Tortie/White Longhair
9th Best HHP Kitten IW CHUCK OF PURRLIN - Red Mackerel Tabby/White Shorthair
10th Best HHP Kitten IW STRAIGHT TO THE POINT - Blue Tortie Point Longhair
11th Best HHP Kitten IW TACO TOO OF PURRDOCZ - Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby Shorthair
12th Best HHP Kitten IW PEABODY - White Longhair
13th Best HHP Kitten IW DUDLEY DO RIGHT - Red Mackerel Tabby/White Longhair
14th Best HHP Kitten IW PIDDLEY - Brown (Black) Mackerel Tabby/White Longhair
14th Best HHP Kitten IW MOCHACHINO OF MYSTICMELODY - Chocolate Tortie Longhair
16th Best HHP Kitten IW CHINESE YINYANG - Black/White Shorthair
17th Best HHP Kitten IW ALYCE - Black Tortie/White Shorthair
18th Best HHP Kitten IW HORAYTIO - Brown (Black) Classic Tabby/White Shorthair
19th Best HHP Kitten IW WEDNESDAY - Red Mackerel Tabby/White Shorthair
20th Best HHP Kitten IW CREAMIE CHICKEN SOUP OF SAMPHIRE - Cream Mackerel Tabby Shorthair
21st Best HHP Kitten IW JOE KOOL OF CAREYCATS - Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby Shorthair
22nd Best HHP Kitten IW TUESDAY - Red Mackerel Tabby/White Shorthair
23rd BestHHP Kitten IW KINKERS OF ALICATS - Blue Point Shorthair
24th Best HHP Kitten IW MI BEBE AMOR - Black/White Shorthair
25th Best HHP Kitten IW MISS SASAFRASS - Black Tortie/White Shorthair

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