TICA International Winners 2015-2016
by KATHY DURDICK, Ristokat Himalayans & Persians

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PandEcats.com is happy to present the International Winners for 2015-2016 in The International Cat Association.

TICA's top cats are listed below.

Top 25 Cats

Best Cat    LA SGC Sabrecats Pavarotti of Gigantcat - Brown Classic Tabby/White Maine Coon
2nd Best Cat    IW SGC Amisti Unawatuna - Cream Silver McTabby/White Kurilian Bobtail Longhair
3rd Best Cat    IW SGC Jungletrax Justified Prestige - Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal
4th Best Cat     IW SGC MTNest Harry Potter - Brown Classic Tabby/White Maine Coon
5th Best Cat    IW SGC Dreamcatcher's Cuddles of Phoeni/ID - Lilac British Shorthair
6th Best Cat    IW SGC Purrsia Mousse Au Chocolat - Chocolate Point Peterbald
7th Best Cat    IW SGC Harmonia Sky Beyrouth - Blue Silver Classic Torbie/White Maine Coon
8th Best Cat    IW SGC Securitazz Jewlzgalore - Sable Burmese
9th Best Cat    IW SGC Moulinrouge Jumanji of Batifoleurs - Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal
10th Best Cat    IW SGC Cuzzoe You Better Work of Moro - Blue/White Persian
11th Best Cat    LA SGC Kuriliangem Vesniana - Black Tortie Kurilian Bobtail Longhair
12th Best Cat    IW SGC Des Entrechats Just In Case/LO - Cinnamon Abyssinian
13th Best Cat    IW SGC Silverfern's Icon/ID - Black Maine Coon
14th Best Cat    IW SGC Mabuhay Ilonse of Carchet - Chartreux
15th Best Cat    IW SGC LAPD Shaft - Black Maine Coon
16th Best Cat    IW SGC Shadowstorm Dantes Inferno - Red Persian
17th Best Cat    LA SGC Wyndchymes Ducati of Careycats - Black/White Japanese Bobtail
18th Best Cat    LA SGC Snugglerags Breakfast At Tiffanys - Blue Point Bicolor Ragdoll
19th Best Cat    IW SGC MTNest Fujiyama - Brown Classic Tabby/White Maine Coon
20th Best Cat     IW SGC ChatD'Or A Sky Full-Of-Stars/CF - Blue/White Persian
21st Best Cat     IW SGC Alistsavannahs Midnight Jas - Brown Spotted Tabby Savannah
22nd Best Cat    IW SGC Fencroft Alabaster of Hashtag - Brown McTabby/White British Longhair
23rd Best Cat    IW SGC Ashlinzots Little Daddy of Valyria - Brown McTabby/White Exotic Shorthair
24th Best Cat    IW SGC Elviskitkat Flaming Star - Red Classic Tabby/White Persian
25th Best Cat    IW SGC Fencroft Sunshine Superman - Chocolate McTabby British Shorthair

TOP 25 Longhair Cats

15th Best Longhair IW SGC Amazolou Mr Brightside - Black Silver Shaded Selkirk Rex Longhair
16th Best Longhair IW SGC Littlemew Wakka - Brown McTabby/White Norwegian Forest Cat
17th Best Longhair IW SGC Sangha Shasta of Bewitched - White Norwegian Forest Cat
18th Best Longhair IW SGC Darlinlildols Rayvon of Hovicastle - Blue Point Ragdoll
19th Best Longhair IW SGC Ishcus Harrison - Brown Classic Tabby/White Maine Coon
20th Best Longhair IW SGC Ragalong Highland Laird - Seal Point Bicolor Ragdoll
21st Best Longhair IW SGC Whatatrill Selenium of Chemicoons - Black Silver Classic Torbie/White Maine Coon
22nd Best Longhair IW SGC Wallycats Chibbs - Red Persian
23rd Best Longhair IW SGC Sontse Travis of Ahura - Brown McTabby Persian
24th Best Longhair IW SGC Musrafy Shishka - Brown Spotted Tabby/White Siberian
25th Best Longhair IW Siempreamar Manoah - Seal Point Bicolor Ragdoll

TOP 25 Shorthair Cats

12th Best Shorthair IW SGC Yorubacattery Elizabeth Queen - Chocolate Classic Torbie/White Sphynx
13th Best Shorthair IW SGC Jungletrax Chase N The Dream of WFB - Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal
14th Best Shorthair IW SGC Leopardcats Tao Tao - Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal
15th Best Shorthair IW SGC Trunude Blurred Linez of Skeenville - Blue Mackerel Torbie/White Sphynx
16th Best Shorthair IW SGC Ilendri Katoomba - Brown Marbled Tabby Bengal
17th Best Shorthair IW SGC Carocats Solo Bashert/CF - Black Silver Classic Tabby American Shorthair
18th Best Shorthair IW SGC Farinelli of Kotoffski of Silver/WC - Cream British Shorthair
19th Best Shorthair IW SGC Medusa Nozomi Nakini Arazu - Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal
20th Best Shorthair IW SGC Penobscot's Chillin Out of Jomar/CF - Lilac Sepia Burmese
21st Best Shorthair IW Elamante Namah of Kikiandco - Ruddy Abyssinian
22nd Best Shorthair IW SGC Excalibur Von Blau Prinz of Doud/ID - Cream British Shorthair
23rd Best Shorthair IW SGC Lofoten Alan - Black Exotic Shorthair
24th Best Shorthair IW SGC McInkats Melody Road - Chocolate Spotted Tabby Oriental Shorthair
25th Best Shorthair IW SGC Cheshirelady Jacob Uno Momento - Blue British Shorthair

Top 25 Kittens

Best Kitten    IW Cullykhan Solitaire - Black/White Persian
2nd Best Kitten    IW Lukor-Fold Wow Nlo/WC - Black Tortie/White Scottish Fold
3rd Best Kitten    IW Cuzzoe You Better Work of Moro - Blue/White Persian
4th Best Kitten    IW DClass Dreams Came True - Red/White Persian
5th Best Kitten    IW Starolympus Anas Mai - Black Persian
6th Best Kitten    IW Fencroft Hannah Fiona - Blue Tortie British Shorthair
7th Best Kitten    IW Sangha Shasta of Bewitched - White Norwegian Forest Cat
8th Best Kitten    IW Jungletrax Justified Prestige - Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal
9th Best Kitten    IW MTNest Fujiyama - Brown Classic Tabby/White Maine Coon
10th Best Kitten    IW Chemicoons Kelvin of Mainebits - Brown Classic Tabby/White Maine Coon
11th Best Kitten    IW MTNest Sebastien of Smith Avenue - Brown Classic Tabby/White Maine Coon
12th Best Kitten    IW Traipse Around With Sasquatch - Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal
13th Best Kitten    IW Pointocurl Alexey Leonov - Black Silver Spotted Tabby American Curl Longhair
14th Best Kitten     IW Radiance Rumour Has It of Samphire- Red Spotted Tabby Oriental Shorthair
14th Best Kitten     IW Harmonia Sky Beyrouth - Blue Silver Classic Torbie/White Maine Coon
16th Best Kitten    IW Inverness Tsunami Peaks/ID - Black Silver Classic Tabby American Shorthair
17th Best Kitten    IW Amisti Antonio Vivaldi - Cream Silver McTabby/White Kurilian Bobtail Longhair
18th Best Kitten    IW Richson Jellys Last Jam - Black Silver Classic Tabby American Shorthair
19th Best Kitten    IW Purrsia Pas Dedeux - Chocolate Peterbald
20th Best Kitten    IW Mysticmelody Jojo - Brown Classic Torbie/White Siberian
21st Best Kitten     IW Cuzzoe Greer of Coonificent - Brown Classic Tabby/White Maine Coon
22nd Best Kitten    IW Carolinameows Dragon Fire - Red Classic Tabby Maine Coon
23rd Best Kitten    IW Alistsavannahs Midnight Jas - Brown Spotted Tabby Savannah
24th Best Kitten    IW Cloistercoon Graymoor of Royallions - Blue Silver Ticked Tabby Maine Coon
25th Best Kitten    IW MTNest Lafayette of Madinina - Brown Classic Tabby/White Maine Coon

Top 25 Alters

Best Alter    IW SGCA Ashlin Zots Thenardier/CF - Black Silver Classic Tabby/White Exotic Shorthair
2nd Best Alter    IW SGCA Suavere's Dark Secret of Penobsc/CF - Black Persian
3rd Best Alter    IW SGCA Fuzzy-Foot's Domino/CF - Black/White Manx
4th Best Alter    IW SGCA Jovan Tony Stark-Ironman/CF - Red Classic Tabby Persian
5th Best Alter    IW SGCA Chemicoons Theos Belgian Pride Jase - Brown Classic Tabby/White Maine Coon
6th Best Alter    IW Melody's Jazz/LO - Red Point Himalayan
7th Best Alter    IW QGCA Hojpoj Fleetwood Mac - Cream Spotted Tabby/White Oriental Shorthair
8th Best Alter    IW SGCA Calicoon Stormy Weather - Brown Classic Tabby Maine Coon
9th Best Alter    LA SGC Overear Stormy Weather - Seal Torbie Point/White American Curl Longhair
10th Best Alter    LA SGCA Tasurt Osiris - Black Grizzled Ticked Tabby Chausie
11th Best Alter    IW SGCA Softrax Love Shack of Ahura - Blue/White Persian
12th Best Alter    IW SGCA Vanderpawz Ko Ko - Black/White Japanese Bobtail
13th Best Alter    IW SGCA Egyptsila Anubis - Black Silver Spotted Tabby Egyptian Mau
14th Best Alter    IW SGCA Ivy Cat Ram Tough/CF - Black Exotic Shorthair
15th Best Alter    IW SGCA Bravura Tora Tora Tora - Ruddy Abyssinian
16th Best Alter    IW SGCA Rextasy Im A Knockout of Pipkin - Red McTabby/White Cornish Rex
17th Best Alter    LA SGC Chanteuse Mlle Mindie - Brown McTabby/White Persian
18th Best Alter    IW SGCA Heavnzsent Im A Lil Husky - Brown Spotted Tabby Siberian
19th Best Alter    IW SGCA Owhl Robert The Bruce - Brown Spotted Tabby/White Scottish Fold
20th Best Alter    IW SGCA Cuzzoe Rikki Tikki Tavi - Brown Ticked Tabby Maine Coon
21st Best Alter    IW SGCA MTNest Man O My Dreams - Blue Classic Tabby/White Maine Coon
22nd Best Alter    LA SGCA Sazikatz Mojito of Mixologies - Chocolate Point Tonkinese
23rd Best Alter    IW SGCA Gulfcats Mr Miyagi of Starlas - Red Classic Tabby/White Japanese Bobtail
24th Best Alter    LA SGCA Amazolou The New Schmoo - Red Silver Chinchilla Selkirk Rex
25th Best Alter    LA SGCA Chemicoons Firelight of Concordance - Red Classic Tabby Maine Coon

Top 25 Household Pets

Best HHP    IW SGM Penny - Seal Torbie Point
2nd Best HHP    IW SGM Mr Starbucks of Carolinameows - Cream/White
3rd Best HHP    IW SGM Mister Big Stuff of Careycats - Red Spotted Tabby
4th Best HHP    LA SGM Hello Sweetie of Wyndchymes - Black Tortie/White
5th Best HHP    IW SGM Mischief Managed of Blueyonder - Red Spotted Tabby/White
6th Best HHP    IW SGM Tailor Swiff - Seal Tortie Point/White
7th Best HHP    IW SGM Scout - Black/White
8th Best HHP    IW SGM Blue Skye - Black Smoke/White
9th Best HHP    IW SGM Koa Kula - Red Classic Tabby/White
10th Best HHP    IW SGM Sassy Got Swag - Seal Tortie Point
11th Best HHP    IW SGM Destroy Everything You Touch - Black Tortie/White
12th Best HHP    IW SGM Horaytio - Brown Classic Tabby/White
13th Best HHP    IW SGM Creamie Chicken Soup of Samphire - Cream McTabby
14th Best HHP    LA SGM Splash - Black/White
15th Best HHP    IW SGM Steinway - Black/White
16th Best HHP    IW SGM Hot Stuff of Chrischat - Black Tortie/White
17th Best HHP    IW SGM Sir Blaze of Marleevo - Brown McTabby/White
18th Best HHP    LA SGM Mike And The Mechanics of Careycats - Red Silver McTabby/White
19th Best HHP    IW SGM Kobe - Blue Point/White
20th Best HHP    IW SGM Cleopatra In Color - Brown Classic Torbie/White
21st Best HHP    IW Rhoade Trash - Black/White
22nd Best HHP    IW SGM Kayle of Leafdance - Black Silver Spotted Tabby
23rd Best HHP    LA SGM Misylittle Dale - Black/White
24th Best HHP    IW SGM Violet of Sunnyshores - Red Classic Tabby/White
25th Best HHP    LA SGM Buckwheat - Red Lynx Point

Top 25 Household Pet Kittens

Best HHP Kitten    IW Mischief Managed of Blueyonder - Red Spotted Tabby/White
2nd Best HHP Kitten    IW Tofurkey - White
3rd Best HHP Kitten    IW With All My Love of Chrischat - Brown Mackerel Torbie
4th Best HHP Kitten    IW Pistachio - Seal Mink Tortie/White
5th Best HHP Kitten    IW Valentino - Brown Spotted Tabby/White
6th Best HHP Kitten    IW Cyndee Clawford - Black/White
7th Best HHP Kitten    IW Jessee B Jazz - Red Mackerel Tabby/White
8th Best HHP Kitten    IW Zainy Zelda - Brown Spotted Torbie/White
9th Best HHP Kitten    IW Tootsie of Mysticmelody - Brown Classic Torbie/White
10th Best HHP Kitten    IW Miss Tia Maria of Mixologies - Seal Sepia
11th Best HHP Kitten (tie)    IW Dawsons Avenue - Brown Mackerel Tabby
11th Best HHP Kitten (tie)    IW Thunder From Down Under - Brown Mackerel Tabby/White
13th Best HHP Kitten    IW Charly Chapman - Chocolate Lynx Point/White
14th Best HHP Kitten    IW Willowmena - Brown Classic Torbie/White
15th Best HHP Kitten    IW Panda - Black/White
16th Best HHP Kitten    IW Griffindor - Chocolate/White
17th Best HHP Kitten    IW Loopy Luma - Black Tortie/White
18th Best HHP Kitten    IW Jumping Jack Flash - Brown Ticked Tabby
19th Best HHP Kitten    IW What A Hoot - Brown Ticked Tabby
20th Best HHP Kitten    IW Mr T - Black/White
21st Best HHP Kitten    IW Zoompurr of Howlingcoyote - Cream Mackerel Tabby
22nd Best HHP Kitten    IW Nanette - Brown Classic Torbie/White
23rd Best HHP Kitten    IW Gretel - Brown Mackerel Tabby/White
24th Best HHP Kitten (tie)    IW Catbury Bunny of QT - Chocolate Torbie Point
24th Best HHP Kitten (tie)    IW B3 I Haz Tortietude - Black Tortie/White



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