TICA International Winners 2018-2019
by KATHY DURDICK, Ristokat Himalayans & Persians

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ShowCatsOnline.com is happy to present the International Winners for 2018-2019 in The International Cat Association.

TICA's top cats are listed below.

IW SGC Allweneedis Quality Time (Tie)
TICA's Best Cat 2019 (Tie)

IW SGC Purrsia Pardonne Moi
TICA's Best Cat 2019 (Tie)
Photo by Starrlight Photography

Top 25 Cats

Best Cat (tie)   

IW SGC Allweneedis Quality Time - Seal Point/Bicolor Ragdoll

Best Cat (tie)    IW SGC Purrsia Pardonne Moi - Black Peterbald
3rd Best Cat    IW SGC MTNest Paint To Sample - Brown Torbie/White Maine Coon
4th Best Cat     IW SGC Confiture of Phoenix/ID - Blue British Shorthair
5th Best Cat    IW SGC Coonamor We Will Rock You - Brown Tabby Maine Coon
6th Best Cat    IW SGC Mirumkitty Handsome As Hell - Seal Point/Bicolor Ragdoll
7th Best Cat    IW SGC Havvanur's Jigglypuff/ID - Red Silver Shaded Turkish Angora
8th Best Cat    IW SGC Batifoleurs Kibo - Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal
9th Best Cat    IW SGC Zendique Jiminy Cricket - Brown Spotted Tabby/White Exotic Shorthair
10th Best Cat    IW SGC Teeny Varian of Sylvanas - Seal Lynx Point/Bicolor Ragdoll
11th Best Cat    IW SGC Silvercharm Mannish Boy - Blue/White British Shorthair
12th Best Cat    IW SGC Madawaska Omalley - Red Cornish Rex
13th Best Cat    IW SGC Cieloch Take A Chance - Brown McTabby Siberian
14th Best Cat    IW SGC Beauchador Moxy - Brown Tabby American Wirehair
15th Best Cat    IW SGC Jungletrax Diana of Abaoshouse - Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal
16th Best Cat    IW SGC Owhl Irn Bru Im A Pip - Brown Tabby/White Scottish Fold
17th Best Cat    IW SGC Aloracats Adonias - Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal
18th Best Cat    IW SGC Singville Lola Ofthe Copa - Singapura
19th Best Cat    IW SGC Chatile Nicolas - Blue McTabby Maine Coon
20th Best Cat (tie)     IW SGC Basilicblessing Grand Finale - Brown Torbie/White Siberian
20th Best Cat (tie)     IW SGC Marlcreek Trouble Comes In Blue - Blue Point/Mitted Ragdoll
22nd Best Cat    IW SGC Emerald Snow Maestro Antigene/CF - Russian Blue
23rd Best Cat    IW SGC Scantilyclad In The Midnight Hour - Seal Mink Tortie/White Sphynx
24th Best Cat    IW SGC Gilvtales Sir Fuzzy Butt - Red Point Himalayan
25th Best Cat    IW SGC Chieko Blue Beads - Blue/White Persian

TOP 25 Longhair Cats

13th Best Longhair IW SGC Simcris Skippetyflip - Brown Tabby/White Persian
14th Best Longhair IW SGC Faircats Jin - Cream McTabby/White LH Scottish Fold
15th Best Longhair IW SGC MTNest Dynasty of Brownbear - Brown Tabby/White Maine Coon
16th Best Longhair IW SGC Chemicoons Stephen Hawking of LAPD - Brown Tabby/White Maine Coon
17th Best Longhair IW SGC Melody's Niagara/LO - Seal Tortie Point Himalayan
18th Best Longhair IW SGC Anouchka Adelaide - Black Tortie/White Persian
19th Best Longhair IW SGC Jakoi No End To Trouble - Black/White LH Japanese Bobtail
20th Best Longhair IW SGC Soulmates Hua Mulan of Meow - Blue Point/Bicolor Ragdoll
21st Best Longhair IW SGC Boucles Monsieur Incroyable - Brown McTabby LH Selkirk Rex
22nd Best Longhair IW SGC Star Olympus Maquiavelo of Riverbin - Black Persian
23rd Best Longhair IW SGC Catzanova Nabucco - Ruddy Somali
24th Best Longhair IW SGC Moussedoll Mavis - Seal Point/Bicolor Ragdoll
25th Best Longhair IW SGC Wistariantale Rising Sun - Red Silver Tabby Maine Coon

TOP 25 Shorthair Cats

14th Best Shorthair IW SGC Islarey Kendrick of Charlietabuc/ID - Blue British Shorthair
15th Best Shorthair IW SGC Guru Apu Illapu of Bossbengalcat - Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal
16th Best Shorthair IW SGC Willowblue Kaidu - Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal
17th Best Shorthair IW SGC Doudou Hug Francis - Cream McTabby British Shorthair
18th Best Shorthair IW SGC Rexink Annie Lennox - Black/White Cornish Rex
19th Best Shorthair IW SGC Havacat Teddy Tea Maker of Oberlin - Havana Brown
20th Best Shorthair IW SGC Coonalley On Safari of Alayna - Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal
21st Best Shorthair IW SGC Ginchika Bidi Bidi Pom Pom - Black Smoke Tortie/White Japanese Bobtail
22nd Best Shorthair IW SGC Destynys Sway Me Smooth - Brown McTorbie/White Sphynx
23rd Best Shorthair IW SGC Windleaves Top Gun of Plymouthrock - Silver Tabby/White American Shorthair
24th Best Shorthair IW SGC Abysaint Tibet of Pierremont - Blue Abyssinian
25th Best Shorthair IW SGC Herus Spellbound - Ruddy Abyssinian

IW BW SGC Coonamor We Will Rock You - Brown Tabby Maine Coon
TICA's Best Kitten 2019

Photo by L. Johnson

Top 25 Kittens

Best Kitten    IW BW SGC Coonamor We Will Rock You - Brown Tabby Maine Coon
2nd Best Kitten    IW Silvercharm Mannish Boy - Blue/White British Shorthair
3rd Best Kitten    IW Synergy Altair of Higrov - Seal Silver Lynx Point Balinese
4th Best Kitten    IW Mowglis Jack The Ripper - Brown Spotted Tabby Scottish Fold
5th Best Kitten    IW Jungletrax Innate Equanimity - Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal
6th Best Kitten    IW MTNest Terracotta Warrior - Red Tabby/White Maine Coon
7th Best Kitten    IW Tajhara Obsession Confession - Ruddy Somali
8th Best Kitten    IW Starolympus Deliciosa - Blue Tabby Exotic Shorthair
9th Best Kitten    IW Havvanurs Lilly Pad - White Turkish Angora
10th Best Kitten    IW Starolympus Me Enamore of Riverbin - Black Tortie Persian
11th Best Kitten    IW Elsa Ragdoll Ryan - Seal Lynx Point/Bicolor Ragdoll
12th Best Kitten    IW MTNest Christopher - Brown Tabby/White Maine Coon
13th Best Kitten    IW Keepurrs Jordan - Blue Point/Bicolor Ragdoll
14th Best Kitten     IW Deescoons Fantasy- Brown Torbie/White Maine Coon
15th Best Kitten     IW Carchet Oreanna - Chartreux
16th Best Kitten    IW O de Lancome Du Chateau Jonquet/LO - White Persian
17th Best Kitten    IW Hotzcats Temptation of Ranchcats/CF - Seal Point Siamese
18th Best Kitten    IW Lollipopdoll Domay of Clumsyangel - Seal Lynx Point/Bicolor Ragdoll
19th Best Kitten    IW Faeryfire's Chasing Rainbows/CF - Brown Spotted Torbie/White Oriental Shorthair
20th Best Kitten    IW Lildarlynns Silver On The Flip Side - Silver Tabby LH Minuet
21st Best Kitten     IW Beauchador Moxy - Brown Tabby American Wirehair
22nd Best Kitten    IW Miragecoon Silver Lining - Silver Ticked Torbie/White Maine Coon
23rd Best Kitten    IW Purrsia Cocoanut - Chocolate Point Peterbald
24th Best Kitten    IW Truelove's Tang Tang/CF - Red Tabby Exotic Shorthair
25th Best Kitten    IW Chemicoons Stephen Hawking of LAPD - Brown Tabby/White Maine Coon

IW SGCA Suavere's Dark Secret of Penobscoy

TICA's Best Alter 2019
Photo by L. Johnson

Top 25 Alters

Best Alter    IW LA SGCA Suavere's Dark Secret of Penobsc/CF - Black Persian
2nd Best Alter    IW SGCA Mistysprings Hello Gorgeous!/CF - White Cymric
3rd Best Alter    IW SGCA Keepurrs Just Living The Dream - Seal Point/Bicolor Ragdoll
4th Best Alter    IW SGCA Casadecano Cha Ching of Samphire/CF - Seal Lynx Point Siamese
5th Best Alter    IW SGCA MTNest Lord Nelson of Higrove - Brown Tabby/White Maine Coon
6th Best Alter    IW SGCA Chipmunk Imagonnabea Starr - White Oriental Shorthair
7th Best Alter    IW SGCA Panei's Duke Venomania/CF - Cream Tabby Exotic Shorthair
8th Best Alter    IW SGCA Vip Hakuna Matata/WC - Cream Lynx Point Siberian
9th Best Alter    IW SGCA Jakoi Last Call - Black Tortie/White LH Japanese Bobtail
10th Best Alter    IW SGCA Riterags Aspen Glow - Cream Point/Bicolor Ragdoll
11th Best Alter    IW SGCA Mowgleaves Lucky Strike - Silver Tabby/White American Shorthair
12th Best Alter    IW SGCA Purrsia Cocoanut - Chocolate Point Peterbald
13th Best Alter    IW SGCA Leostar Elmo of Happinesstail - Brown McTabby Persian
14th Best Alter    IW SGCA Tisima Aynu Bliklya of Amisti - Brown McTorbie/White LH Kurilian Bobtail
15th Best Alter    IW SGCA Traipse Celestial Comet - Seal Spotted Lynx Point Bengal
16th Best Alter    IW SGCA Sazikatz Yuengling of Mixologies - Lilac Point Tonkinese
17th Best Alter    IW SGCA Carolinameows Furrari of Kattarose - Brown Tabby Maine Coon
18th Best Alter    IW SGCA Marleevo C N Spots - Brown Spotted Tabby Exotic Shorthair
19th Best Alter    IW SGCA Divinedesign Lord Chesterfield - Brown McTabby/White British Shorthair
20th Best Alter    IW SGCA Zendique James Brown - Brown Tabby Exotic Shorthair
21st Best Alter    IW SGCA Minghou Mr Ed D of Karissimakat - Black/White Oriental Shorthair
22nd Best Alter    IW SGCA Howlingcoyote Dogberry - Cinnamon Somali
23rd Best Alter    IW SGCA Beauchador Foxy of Rivabell - Red Silver Tabby American Wirehair
24th Best Alter    IW SGCA Beautifulstars Sargas - Chocolate Lynx Point Siamese
25th Best Alter    IW SGCA Destynys Dashing And Debonair - Black/White Sphynx

Top 25 Household Pets

Best HHP    IW SGM Rambo - Brown Tabby
2nd Best HHP    IW SGM Pierrot of Blueyonder - Black/White
3rd Best HHP    IW SGM Ragnar Shaggy Breeches - Black
4th Best HHP    IW SGM Cinnabon of Bluebonnet - Cinnamon
5th Best HHP    IW SGM Narnya of Korrigan - Brown McTabby/White
6th Best HHP    IW SGM A Moment In Tyme - Black Tortie
7th Best HHP    IW SGM Christapurr - Black/White
8th Best HHP    IW SGM Casper Tito - White
9th Best HHP    IW SGM Trick O The Tail - Black Silver Ticked Tabby/White
10th Best HHP    IW SGM Bart - Black
11th Best HHP    IW SGM Blue Skye - Black Smoke/White
12th Best HHP    IW SGM Candy Cane - Black Silver McTorbie/White
13th Best HHP    IW SGM Warner Band Room Kitty - Black Tortie
14th Best HHP    IW SGM Maximus Puss - Brown Ticked Tabby
15th Best HHP    IW SGM Moto Moto of Aloracats - Black
16th Best HHP    IW SGM The Last Chance of Elviskitkat - Seal Mink McTabby/White
17th Best HHP    IW SGM Goldie of Strayinc - Chocolate Tortie
18th Best HHP    IW SGM Speckled Kitty Cat Iris - Black Tortie/White
19th Best HHP    IW SGM Latte And Cream of Carolinameows - Cream Spotted Tabby/White
20th Best HHP    IW SGM Hani - Blue McTabby/White
21st Best HHP    IW SGM Thomas O Malley - Black Silver Shaded
22nd Best HHP    IW SGM Creamie Chicken Soup of Samphire - Cream McTabby
23rd Best HHP    IW SGM Tabatha - Black Tortie/White
24th Best HHP    IW SGM Qu Tea - Blue Torbie
25th Best HHP    IW SGM Gertrude of Porcelinekitty - Chocolate Lynx Point

Top 25 Household Pet Kittens

Best HHP Kitten    IW Brianna - Black Tortie/White
2nd Best HHP Kitten    IW Supro Dual Tone of Blueyonder - Black/White
3rd Best HHP Kitten    IW What The Heart Wants of Chrischat - Brown Spotted Torbie/White
4th Best HHP Kitten    IW Ashes To Ashes of Blueyonder - Black Silver Spotted Tabby/White
5th Best HHP Kitten    IW Rebelnever Gets Old of Blueyonder - Red Spotted Tabby/White
6th Best HHP Kitten    IW Lil Dantes Pique of Curlzz - Black/White
7th Best HHP Kitten    IW Cant Believe Its Not Butters - Red Spotted Tabby
8th Best HHP Kitten    IW Maxie - Black/White
9th Best HHP Kitten    IW A Different View of Emmers -Seal Silver Shaded Point/White
10th Best HHP Kitten    IW Brochette - Brown Tabby/White
11th Best HHP Kitten    IW Sunshinenlollypops of Starghatts - Red Spotted Tabby/White
12th Best HHP Kitten    IW Cinco Da Mayo of Trunude - Brown McTabby
13th Best HHP Kitten    IW HRH Bonnie von Bon Bon - Blue Tortie/White
14th Best HHP Kitten    IW Punkin Pie of Carolinameows - Red McTabby
15th Best HHP Kitten    IW Lacey - Black/White
16th Best HHP Kitten    IW Pixie Lee - Brown Torbie
17th Best HHP Kitten    IW Huitlacoche - Black Tortie
18th Best HHP Kitten    IW Summer - Brown McTabby
19th Best HHP Kitten    IW Terrahawk - Black Silver Torbie/White
20th Best HHP Kitten    IW Diana Prince - Brown Spotted Tabby
21st Best HHP Kitten    IW Bethee of Conexa - Blue Tortie/White
22nd Best HHP Kitten    IW Yanki Doodle Dandy - Brown Ticked Tabby/White
23rd Best HHP Kitten    IW Duchess - Black/White
24th Best HHP Kitten    IW Widdle Maine Mystery Man - Black
25th Best HHP Kitten    IW Lil Willow of Willowblue - Black Silver Tabby/White


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