CatPedigrees Welcomes A New
Munchkin Database

Published August 2010 continues to grow! We are pleased to announce the addition of a new Munchkin database.

The Munchkinlane Database

Babyleg Cats... That is what Munchkins were called when Terri Harris first heard of them. 

Her interest in the unusual breed  led her to Sandra Hochendel, the founder of Munchkins and so it was that Munchkinlane Cattery was founded in 1994 with the purchase of Maggie Mae.

Terri traveled all over the USA to present the original dwarf breed to both TICA and CFA associations. Munchkins are now a accepted Championship breed in TICA and other associations around the world. 

Munchkinlane bloodlines can be found across America and in Europe including Russia, Scotland, England, The Netherlands, and Switzerland and more.

Terri has been collecting Munchkin pedigrees for some time. Many of the original breeders used cats that they had before there was a written standard, and some linechasing has revealed these. While Terri experimented with a couple of hybrid matings, she always maintained the integrity of her pedigrees. 

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If you have a database, we hope you consider adding it to the CatPedigrees website, helping to build an enduring legacy for all cat breeders.

Think your database is too small to donate? How about getting together with friends the way the Turkish Angora and Somali breeders have and combining databases? Or send your database to us and we will start one to which other linechasers of your breed can add theirs!

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