Selkirk Rex Grands of Distinction in CFA

BY KATHY DURDICK, Ristokat Himalayans & Persians

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GPD, NW Silencedryad Lillian of Big Ben
Photo by Chanan

In 2011, CFA instituted a brand new title — the Grand of Distinction.

To earn the title, a cat must receive a minimum of 30 finals over each of 3 separate show seasons.

The show seasons do not have to be consecutive, and can be earned in either Championship (GCD) or Premiership (GPD).

For more details, see our article Grand of Distinction: A New Title in CFA.

The very first cat of any breed to earn the award in CFA was an Exotic Shorthair — a Brown McTabby & White neuter named GC, GPD, NW Ivy Cat Quarterback. Read his story here . . .

Listed below are the Selkirk Rex winners of the title to-date; separated by year, and listed in the order that they earned their title.

Selkirk Rex Grands of Distinction in CFA

GC, GPD, RW Highlandkatz Rosa Sequoia Twist
First Selkirk Rex to earn the Grand of Distinction Title
Blue McTabby SH
GCD, BW, RW Truebrit Highlander of Timberpaws
Red McTabby SH
GPD, RW Rex-Box Terao Tsunefumi
Black SH
GPD, NW Silencedryad Lillian of Big Ben
Blue Patched Spotted Tabby SH
GPD, RW Blue Amber Curly Gon 2
Blue LH

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