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The highest achievement in the CFA show ring is accomplished when a cat successfully earns the title of National Winner (NW). CFA established the title of Grand Champion in 1930 and the title of National Winner first appeared in 1971. In CFA, each year the top 25 cats in Championship, 25 Kittens and 25 cats in Premiership are awarded the NW title.

In June of 1981, a pair of stray kittens showed up on the doorstep of 2 cat lovers in California. Both had odd looking ears, that curled back over their heads. Although one of the girls unfortunately disappeared, the other kitten - a black long-haired girl named Shulamith - remained, to become the foundation cat for this new breed. With the help of judge Jean Grimm, the breed was first presented to the public in 1983 at a CFA show in Palm Springs. They were accepted by CFA for championship status in 1993, and became the first breed to be accepted by CFA as a single breed, with 2 separate coat lengths.

It wasn't until the 2001-02 show season that the American Curls had their first National Winner - a brown patched McTabby and White longhair female named GC, NW Procurlharem Lookin For Mr Goodcurl, who was 19th Best Kitten.

To date, no American Curl has earned a "Best" in any of the categories - nor has the breed had a National Winner in championship.

Below is a table with the national winning American Curls, including their name, color, sex, year of their win, and the award they earned.

If the cat's name is in blue text, you can click on it to see a photo of the cat. Championship cats names are on an orange background, kittens are on pink and alters are on a blue background.

American Curl National Winners in CFA


Year Position Cat's Name Color Sex
No National Winners
2001-02 19th Best Kitten GC, NW Procurlharem Looking For
Mr Goodcurl
Brown Patched McTabby
& White LH
2002-03 14th Best Alter GP, NW Procurlharem Oscurl Wilde Red McTabby
& White LH
2003-04 No National Winners
2004-05 11th Best Kitten NW Procurlharem Yankee Dudecurl Dandy Brown Spotted Tabby
& White LH
2005-06 No National Winners
2006-07 No National Winners
2007-08 No National Winners
2008-09 No National Winners
2009-10 No National Winners
2010-11 No National Winners
2011-12 No National Winners
2012-13 No National Winners
2013-14 No National Winners
2014-15 No National Winners
2015-16 No National Winners
2016-17 No National Winners
2017-18 No National Winners
2018-19 No National Winners
2019-20 No National Winners
2020-21 No National Winners Awarded by CFA this season
2021-22 No National Winners
2022-23 17th Best Kitten, International NW Sugar Curl Acacia Honey Brown Patched Tabby LH F

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