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The highest achievement in the CFA show ring is accomplished when a cat successfully earns the title of National Winner (NW). CFA established the title of Grand Champion in 1930 and the title of National Winner first appeared in 1971. In CFA, each year the top 25 cats in Championship, 25 Kittens and 25 cats in Premiership are awarded the NW title.

Although the Chartreux breed was not accepted by CFA for championship status until 1987, the breed has been noted in documents as early as the 16th century. Native to France, the breed has a very unique coat texture - medium in length and wooly, with a dense undercoat that gives it resistance, and a feeling of sheep's wool.

Naming of Chartreux is unique to only a few breeds - Chartreux breeders follow the French tradition of naming all kittens born in a given year with names that start with the same letter of the alphabet. Unlike the Birman breeders, who use the full 26 letters of the alphabet, Chartreux breeders use only 20 letters, omitting K, Q, W, X, Y and Z.

It wasn't until the 1990-91 show season that the Chartreux had their first National Winner. A male named GC, NW Katoklix Devin, who was 17th Best Cat.

Below is a table with the national winning Chartreuxs including their name, sex, year of their win, and the award they earned.

If the cat's name is in blue text, you can click on it to see a photo of the cat. Championship cats names are on an orange background, kittens are on pink and alters are on a blue background.

Chartreux National Winners in CFA

Year Position Cat's Name Sex
No Chartreux National Winners
1990-91 17th Best Cat GC, NW Katoklix Devin M
1991-92 No Chartreux National Winners
1992-93 No Chartreux National Winners
1993-94 No Chartreux National Winners
1994-95 No Chartreux National Winners
1995-96 No Chartreux National Winners
1996-97 No Chartreux National Winners
1997-98 No Chartreux National Winners
1998-99 9th Best Cat GC, NW Janvier Nicole, DM F
7th Best Alter GC, GP, NW Backcountry Minden of Sourirbleu S
1999-00 16th Best Cat GC, NW Backcountry Opalescence F
2000-01 22nd Best Cat GC, NW Chatton Pixel M
2001-02 10th Best Alter GP, NW Janvier's Regulus of Jouvencebleu N
16th Best Alter GC, GP, NW Tiarableu's Portia S
2002-03 No Chartreux National Winners
2003-04 No Chartreux National Winners
2004-05 6th Best Cat GC, BW, NW Janvier's Useppe of Chatton M
12th Best Kitten GC, NW Jouvencebleu Versailles of Janvier F
2005-06 9th Best Alter GP, NW Janvier's Vaughn Barber of Jewllz N
2006-07 7th Best Cat GC, BW, NW Charleval Alittle Less Convesation M
17th Best Kitten GC, NW Janvier's Balique of Korindah F
2007-08 2nd Best Cat GC, BW, NW Janvier's Baguette F
2008-09 3rd Best Cat GC, BW, NW Janvier's Claire De Lune of Kuorii F
2009-10 11th Best Cat GC, BW, NW Janvier's Artemis M
2010-11 20th Best Cat GC, BW, NW Maison DuKat EsteeLauder of Janvier F
2011-12 No Chartreux National Winners
2012-13 No Chartreux National Winners
2013-14 No Chartreux National Winners
2014-15 23rd Best Kitten GC, NW Mabuhay Justin Time M
2015-16 No Chartreux National Winners
2016-17 No Chartreux National Winners
2017-18 No Chartreux National Winners
2018-19 17th Best Alter, Regions 1-9 GC, GP, NW Foxykats Lady Liberty S
2019-20 No Chartreux National Winners
2020-21 No National Winners Awarded by CFA this season
2021-22 No Chartreux National Winners
2022-23 No Chartreux National Winners

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