CFA's National Winners 2007-2008

Ristokat Himalayans & Persians

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The 2007-2008 show season is officially over.
CFA's top cats are listed below - congratulations to all the winners!


Best Cat    GC, BW, NW Sunny Ridge Polar Express of Wishes - Odd-Eyed White Persian M
2nd Best Cat    GC, BW, NW Janvier's Baguette - Chartreux F
3rd Best Cat    GC, BW, NW Caricature's Boyd Tinsley - Bombay M
4th Best Cat    GC, BW, NW Wyndchymes Tess - Mi-Ke SH Japanese Bobtail F
5th Best Cat    GC, BW, NW Astral Charm Give Me Kisses - Blue-Cream Persian F
6th Best Cat    GC, BW, NW Rhamjoge Grand Finale - Red/White Persian M
7th Best Cat    GC, BW, NW New Moon Lexington of Shimasu - Seal Point Siamese F
8th Best Cat    GC, BW, NW Castlkatz Peeves of Chloeadores - Blue British Shorthair M
9th Best Cat    GC, NW Catsafrats Viva Italia - Black Persian M
10th Best Cat    GC, NW Teysha Charmed Prince of Chocolado - Seal Point Siamese M
11th Best Cat    GC, BW, NW Ladiluck's Rocket Man - Red Spotted Tabby/White Exotic M
12th Best Cat    GC, BW, NW Tsar Blu's Zhivago - Russian Blue M
13th Best Cat    GC, BW, NW Jude Here Comes The Sun of Burnbrae - Flame Point Persian M
14th Best Cat    GC, NW Heida What Lola Wants of Calcat - Brown Patched Tabby White Exotic F
15th Best Cat    GC, NW Kenipurr's Kuriketto of Kurisumasu - Dilute Mi-Ke SH Japanese Bobtail F
16th Best Cat    GC, NW Marcus Bringin' Sexy Back - Cream Persian M
17th Best Cat    GC, BW, NW Highlander Hey Jude of Tabbeyrd - Red Tabby/White Maine Coon M
18th Best Cat    GC, NW Eurecat Valentino of Mericat - Blue McTabby Exotic M
19th Best Cat    GC, NW Sulltans Shining Glitter - Tortie Point Persian F
20th Best Cat    GC, NW Tuvets Just-N-Boots of Texas Belle - Brown Patached Tabby/White Maine Coon F
21st Best Cat    GC, BW, NW Mistory Magical Pow-Ears - Blue McTabby/White LH Scottish Fold M
22nd Best Cat    GC, NW Sunstream Sky High - Blue Lynx Point Persian M
23rd Best Cat    GC, BW, NW Voluminous Crimson Pirate - Red McTabby Persian M
24th Best Cat    GC, BW, NW WhiteWeb Qt Patootie of Pretty Bald - Calico Sphynx F
25th Best Cat    GC, BW, NW Karol Kommander - Silver Tabby American Shorthair M


* Titles are listed as of the end of the season - kittens may have added GC/GP since then

Best Kitten    GC, NW Kuorii Per Sempre of D'Eden Lover - Black Persian F
2nd Best Kitten    GC, NW Chelsea Rose Roxie Hart - Blue-Cream British Shorthair F
3rd Best Kitten    GC, NW Joleigh's Hallelujah! of Larksong - Brown Patched Tabby Persian F
4th Best Kitten    GC, NW Kwill's Ultimate Margarita - Brown Patched McTby/White Norwegian Forest Cat F
5th Best Kitten    GC, NW Blue Djinn's Gunpowder - Black Persian M
6th Best Kitten    GC, BW, NW Emau's Minuet - Silver Egyptian Mau F
7th Best Kitten    GC, NW Kelloggs Jet City Woman - Silver Tabby American Shorthair F
8th Best Kitten    GP, NW Thorsgard's Arctic Monkey - Ruddy Abyssinian M
9th Best Kitten    GC, NW Caricature's Dinah Washington - Bombay F
10th Best Kitten    GP, NW Sunstone Five For Fighting - Chocolate Spotted Ocicat M
11th Best Kitten    GC, NW Fanci Fx Eureka of Dolcevita - Brown Patched Tabby Persian F
12th Best Kitten    GC, NW McKittycreek Shimmer of Highlander - Brown Tabby/White Maine Coon F
13th Best Kitten    GC, NW Anqet Luuk Saao Ayu Doht Dehn - Ruddy Abyssinian F
14th Best Kitten    GC, NW Jubileum Runfortheroses of Catillak - Silver Patched Tabby/White Persian F
15th Best Kitten    GC, NW Stedam's Sundown of Yankee Star - Brown Tabby American Shorthair M
16th Best Kitten    GC, NW Catbery Tail Karma Copy of Laureden - Flame Lynx Point Persian M
17th Best Kitten    GC, NW Lox-Nott Forever Young - Blue Persian M
18th Best Kitten    GC, BW, NW Kmwk Noah Em-R - Black Smoke/White Van American Wirehair M
19th Best Kitten    GC, NW Red Sky Mandolin Rain of Joleigh - Brown Patched McTabby/White Persian F
20th Best Kitten    GC, NW Pironti Penelope - Tortoiseshell Persian F
21st Best Kitten    NW Stedam American Bravado - Brown Tabby American Shorthair M
22nd Best Kitten    GC, NW D'Eden Lover Lili of Parti Wai Ex - Blue Patched McTabby/White Exotic F
23rd Best Kitten    GC, NW Stonehaven Stop&smell The Roses - Blue British Shorthair F
24th Best Kitten    GC, NW Bondi's Just Jill of Eurocastle - Blue Tortie European Burmese F
25th Best Kitten    GC, NW Purrty Katz Amazed By You - Calico Persian F



Best Alter    GP, NW Boberan's Night Scout of Koi Pond - Black Persian N
2nd Best Alter    GP, NW Romanxx Rock Star of Briar-Mar - Brown Patched McTabby/White SH Manx S
3rd Best Alter    GC, GP, BW, NW Jadon Faviara of Krimpurrs - Blue-Cream Persian S
4th Best Alter    GC, GP, NW Sunstone Serengeti - Chocolate Spotted Ocicat N
5th Best Alter    GC, GP, NW Beauetchere Hopeudance of Perzot - Calico Exotic S
6th Best Alter    GC, GP, NW Rustling Renegade of Stonehaven - Blue British Shorthair N
7th Best Alter    GC, GP, BW, NW Chantilylace Yada Yada Yada, DM - Calico Persian S
8th Best Alter    GP, NW Sha Yen Ben Raisin A Ruckus - Black Persian N
9th Best Alter    GP, NW Star Coons Bootscoot of Texas Belle - Brown McTabby/White Maine Coon N
10th Best Alter    GP, NW Highlander Beautifulboy of Dreamers - Red Tabby/White Maine Coon N
11th Best Alter    GC, GP, BW, NW Mowl Sima's Jaded of Emau - Korat S
12th Best Alter    GC, GP, NW Austriana Anastasia of Appassionata - Sable Burmese S
13th Best Alter    GC, GP, NW Saskattery Toulouse Latreker - Seal Point Birman N
14th Best Alter    GP, NW Abycastle Hottownsummerinthecity - Red Abyssinian N
15th Best Alter    GP, NW Maison DuKat's Mojave of Jewllz - Bronze Egyptian Mau M
16th Best Alter    GP, NW J'Cini Mcdreamy of Laureden - Red McTabby/White Norwegian Forest Cat N
17th Best Alter    GP, NW Fig Kollibri of Featherland - Brown Tabby/White Norwegian Forest Cat N
18th Best Alter    CH, GP, NW Cozmo Borderline Blues - Blue Tabby Persian N
19th Best Alter    GP, NW Ticketyboo Right As Ninepence - Black/White SH Japanese Bobtail N
20th Best Alter    CH, GP, NW Cecchetti Million Dollar Baby - Platinum Mink Tonkinese N
21st Best Alter    GC, GP, NW Makin'Waves Amasa of Tender Claws - Tortie/White Cornish Rex S
22nd Best Alter    GC, GP, NW Stedam's American Beauty Rose - Brown Tabby American Shorthair S
23rd Best Alter    GP, NW Caricature's Stan "Tookie" Williams - Bombay N
24th Best Alter    GP, NW Fullmoon's Flasher - Blue Point Exotic N
25th Best Alter    GP, NW CherMa'Ki's Ariel - Blue Point Siamese N

GC, BW, NW Sunny Ridge Polar Express of Wishes
CFA Best Cat in Championship 2008
Odd-Eyed White Persian Male
Born 8/8/2006
S: GC Sunny Ridge Oscar De La Renta
D: Artemis Chalet of Sunny Ridge
Breeder: Sharon Marcus
Owner: Sharon Marcus & Connie Stewart
Photo by Chanan




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