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History of the Siamese Cat, 1940s and 1950s, Part 5
by Carlon Boren


For the year 1954, Cats Magazine was giving recognition for the first time not only to the highest scoring cats, but the runners-up of each breed and color of cats.

The All Eastern wins were: Seal Point male – CH Pomonock’s Rascal Pei King II, Mrs. Julie Kohlus, East Rockway, LI, NY. Honorable Mention – Cymri Chan-ee, Lillian E. Pedulla. Seal Point female – CH Chi-Charoen Pada, Gladise German, Rochester, NY. Honorable Mention – Dbl CH Astra’s Morris Amanda, Agnes F. Rand. Blue Point male – CH Fernreig Saru of Wu (Imp), Lillian King. Honorable Mention – CH Wu Blue Silthete, Lillian King. Blue Point female – GC Vee Roi’s Violet Lady, Mrs. Alice S. Dugan. Honorable Mention – CH McNaughton’s Yum Yum, Mrs. T.J. McNaughton. Chocolate Point male – CH Beauchat Brunessceus Lynn of Wu (Imp – Homesdale and Pincop stock), Lillian King. Honorable Mention – Doneraile Brun Bonnie, Mrs. Howard Stackhouse. Chocolate Point female – CH Doneraile Brun Malvana (Imp), Mrs. Rex Naugle. Honorable Mention – Briarry Sumach, Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Thompson.

All Western for the year: Seal Point male – Dbl CH Sha Lin’s Pra Ping Thai, Miriam B. Williams, San Francisco, CA. Honorable Mention – GC Palos Verdes Avatar. Seal Point female – Dbl CH H.R.H. Marin Princess Always, Mrs. Spencer Smiley. Honorable Mention – CH Ching Tzu of Tang Wong, Mr. Mervill G. Stevens. Blue Point male - GC and Dbl CH Julie’s Bandit of Jadawh of Boren, the late Dr. Ralph C. Boren, and Mrs. Ralph C. Boren. Honorable Mention (tie) – CH Sagazigs Sirama of Folly, Mrs. Philip J. Aaron, and High Barbaree Muchacho of Lamar. Blue Point female – Dbl CH Ta Lee Ho’s Ena, Mrs. La Vona Wright. Honorable Mention – Lamar’s Kuan Yin. Chocolate Point male – CH Sun Dial’s Misti Wun, Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Dial. Honorable Mention – Dbl CH Koscak’s Suki, Mrs. Helen C. Koscak. Chocolate Point female – Dbl CH Tempurra’s Truly Fair, Ricky Birkett. Honorable Mention – Tapa Ling, Mrs. H.J. Nachtsheim.

All Mid Western 1954 was: Seal Point male – CH Samdur’s Baron Van Wolfgang, Mrs. R.G. Wolfgang. Honorable Mention – Dbl CH Dalai Jakki, Virginia Daly. Seal Point female – GC Ammon Ra’s Taisho, Lillian Magner. Honorable Mention – Vee Roi’s Lovlai, Mrs. R.H. Hecht. Blue Point male – GC Krampert’s Ace of Marhan, Mars Hanson. Honorable Mention – Briargate’s Buenos Dias, Mrs. Leone Rysted. Blue Point female – Briargate’s Dezara of Samdur, Mr. and Mrs. L.D. Sample. Honorable Mention – CH Marhan Min-Dear, Mars Hanson. Chocolate Point male – Vee Roi’s Hershey. Chocolate Point female – Vee Roi’s Too Dai.

All Southern: Seal Point male – CH Sayam Simba of Blue Grass, Mrs. Luca B. Combs. Honorable Mention – CH Chirn Sa-Hai Zombie, Mrs. Richard O’Donovan. Seal Point female – Dbl CH Chirn Sa-Hai Neeang. Honorable Mention – CH Chirn Sa-Hai Zohagal. Blue Point male – Dbl CH Mauna Loa, Mr. and Mrs. L. Celeste, Houston, TX. Honorable Mention – CH Coventry’s Bambey-Ling of Canar, Mrs. L.S. Van Riper. Blue Point female – Dbl CH Vanar’s Ptola, Mr. and Mrs. L.S. Van Riper. Honorable Mention – CH Shawnee Heather, Nikki Horner. Chocolate Point female – CH Kwan Yin’s Angelica of Re-Ru, Russell Middleton.

The following were the All Americans for 1954: Seal Point male – CH Pomonock’s Rascal Pei King II. Honorable Mention – Dbl CH Pra Ping Thai. Seal Point female – GC Ammon Ra’s Taisho. Honorable Mention – Dbl CH Chirn Sa-Hai Nee-Ang. Blue Point male – GC and Dbl CH Julie’s Bandit of Jadawh of Boren. Honorable Mention – GC Krampert’s Ace of Marhan. Blue Point female – Dbl CH Ta Lee Ho’s Ena. Chocolate Point male – CH Sun Dial’s Misti Wun. Honorable Mention – Koscak’s Suki. Chocolate Point female – Dbl CH Tempurra’s Truly Fair. Honorable Mention – Tapa-Ling.

Highest Scoring Short Hair in the year 1954 was GC Ammon Ra’s Taisho, a Seal Point female Siamese bred and owned by Mrs. Lillian Magner of Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Taisho was also the Best Cat, Opposite Sex of the Year. Her sire: CH Shawnee’s Image O’Monkey. Her dam: CH Ammon Ra’s Little Fawn Da. The highest scoring Short Hair, Opposite Sex, was GC Julie’s Bandit of Jadawh of Boren.

In 1950, we purchased Bandit from Mrs. Jewell F. Crowell of Oakland, CA. He is out of Ruth Fisher’s and Mrs. Nora Cliffton’s (Nor’Cliff) stock. He has both “AL” and Alaster of Dark Gauntlets in his background. His dam was out of Mei Li and Fairchild stock. “Bandit” had outstanding wins from the time he was a kitten until his retirement in 1958. He is twelve years of age now, and still in the cattery and siring kittens. He sired our first Chocolate Point - Dbl CH Boren’s Cho-K’O’La-T’I, born 1952 - and our first Frost (Lilac) Point born in 1954 – GC Boren’s Frost-E-Lad. His grandchildren are the well known Siamese: GC Boren’s Little Lady Lylac, GC Boren’s K’O K’O San, GC Boren’s Frost-E-Fiocco (Moontide Cattery), GC Boren’s Frost-E-Blue-Eyes (of Tagala), GC Boren’s Tweeter, Tpl CH Boren’s Pinocchio, and Tpl CH Boren’s Bouffante.

A few months before we bought “Bandit”, we had purchased a Seal female from Mrs. Elsie Quinn, Quinn’s Noo-Cha of Boren. Noo-Cha was descended from all the best of Quinn stock, and her great grandfather was the famous Seal, Pukka Rajah. She has Fairchild, Mei Li, and Saigon bloodlines on her dams side. Noo-Cha and Bandit were the nucleus of our cattery until we added Boren’s K’O K’O in 1952, after the death of Boren’s Co-K’O-La-T’I, who had been sent East to a show, to acquaint that section with the new color of Siamese. We had wanted a male Chocolate Point, but, after searching all over for one we settled for two female Chocolate Points, they were sisters. One died of Cat fever, and we managed to save K’O K’O. She is now ten years old, a light chocolate, with good type, and beautiful eye color. She is the Mother of our lovely K’O K’O San. Her grandsire was Pukka Rajah, and back of this was Paletta Peter, and Cremit II, Yu Yu Yu of Yates de Airy, and Mrs. Alexander’s Joshua. On the side of her dam, she has Mrs. Alexander’s Hamelik Yongen, Newton and Fairchild.

In 1956, we added the Hollywood and Ta Lee Ho bloodlines with the lovely Mil Kay Wai’s Indigo of Boren, the mother of Boren’s Bouffante. Later this same year, we added to our cattery that outstanding Frost (Lilac) Bograe’s Laven Dear Lady of Boren, who was bred by Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Forrest, Sacramento, CA. Lady’s sire was Ilo of Shawnee, bred by Mrs. Phinney of Scardale, NY – Amdos, Rosedere, Siam and Newton stock. Her dam is a daughter of Ilo (Bograe’s Dhyilo), Cuthpa Dhyosa of Bograe, her grand dam, was bred by Mrs. Pauline Cuthbertson, of Lufkin, TX, all Amdos and Bedale stock. From Bograe’s Laven Dear Lady of Boren and Boren’s Frost-E-Lad, there were born two outstanding Lilac (Frost) point kittens: Boren’s Little Lady Lylac, and Boren’s Frost-E-Fiocco. We sold Fiocco to Barbara Layton of Apple Valley, and kept Lylac. Lylac was shown in 1957, after she was a year of age, and she had many top Bests in show, and went on to become the first Grand Champion Frost in CFA. And, in 1958, she had sensational wins, topping all the cats in the West, and fourth place in the National wins. Her mother, Bograe’s Laven Dear Lady of Boren, completed her Triple Championship, and was All Western Frost in 1956.

In 1957 we added a lovely Blue male to our cattery, Hi-Ree San Boira of Boren (Hi-Ree Cattery in Indianapolis), Boira was descended from Raard Blue Lomas (Imp) and Blue Seagull. His dam was out of Millbrook and Newton stock.

Our last purchase was a Seal female which I bought in 1959 for my late husband, from Barbara Layton (Moontide Cattery) here in California, “Moontide Dimmeress” – out of GC Moontide Dimmer, whose sire was GC Palos Verdes Avatar, that famous Seal male, bred by Captain and Mrs. B.K. Culver, and highest scoring Short Hair for 1953. The great grandsire was Mandarin’s (Zelma Phillips) and Dark Gauntlets. The dam of Moontide Dimmer is out of Quinn, Ta Lee Ho (La Vona Wright) and Mandarin. Mystici of Moontide, the dam of Moontide Dimmeress, is from GC Fan-T-Cee’s Tee Cee, who is out of Kabar (Ken Bartlett) stock, which had been bred to Mrs. Alexander’s Tamelik Youngen, and another famous Seal male – Quinn’s Wee Wun.


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