Ten Ways To Pamper Your Cat

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Want to do something special for your favorite feline?
Here are a few suggestions on ways to papmper your cat...

  1. A Bed Fit for a King: Most kitties appreciate a special bed of their own.
  2. Homemade Treats. Special treats made with great ingredients and lots of love will find a special place in your cat's heart.
  3. The Art of Massage. Everybody loves a massage and a cat is no exception.
  4. A Photography Session. Buy a special frame and get out your camara. Pets are fun (but often challenging) to photograph.
  5. Video Catnip. Entice your indoor feline with a video of twittering birds, chipmunks and other small animals in a backyard setting. It's the best thing on TV ... for your cat!
  6. A Stylish Carrier: Choose from a variety of cat totes that are functional and practical
  7. An Enclosure for Your Indoor Cat. It's a jungle out there – the outside world is full of hazards. That's why more cat owners are keeping their feline friends inside. You can buy or build an outdoor enclosure to allow your frisky feline to enjoy some fresh air.
  8. Old Dogs and cats can learn New Tricks. You can teach your cat tricks!. Spice up your winter evenings with some training and spend some quality time together.
  9. Catnip Time: Most cats adore a bit of catnip from time to time...
  10. Scratch!: How about buying ot building your cat a new srcatching post.

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