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Published October 2005

An interesting dilemma arose at a show a few weeks ago...

Beginning with the 2001-02 show season, CFA allowed that opportunity for Opens to transfer to Champion status on Saturday night if they've met the requirements for winner's ribbons. Practically speaking, this meant if you had gone to another show and perhaps not gotten all 6 of your winner's ribbons there, you didn't end up "wasting" a whole extra show just for 1 or 2 ribbons - you could transfer partway through the show.

Once a cat is transferred from Open to Champion, they are counted as part of the "Champion" count for the show for the whole weekend, even though they didn't compete as a Champion on Saturday.

Looking for Grand Points

I was showing a girl who was a little over half-way to granding, as well as clerking in the show. She had made a couple of finals on Saturday, but I knew it would be a close thing for her to finish on Sunday. I was quite delighted to see that when the Master Clerk brought up the transfer sheets to the ring Sunday morning, that one of the Open cats in the show had indeed transferred to Champion! That gave my girl an extra point from Saturday, plus hopefully would make it possible to for her to finish on Sunday! Yea!

We Made it - With One Point To Spare!

Our ring was one of the last to judge Championship on Sunday. By the time judging began in that ring, the transferred cat was marked as absent. I really didn't think anything of it at the time. There are lots of reason a cat may be marked absent near the end of a show. The cat need a rest or the owner left early...

We came down to the very last final on Sunday, needing either a Best AB champion or 2nd Best AB champion in order to pass the 200 point mark... and did indeed get 2nd Best AB Champion for a grand total of 201 points for the weekend!!

Or So I Thought...

Unfortunately, what I discovered in the course of the next week was that the Open cat that was transferred to Champion had never actually been shown in a ring on Sunday as a Champion.

It was absent from all the rings, and so, couldn't actually be added to the "Champion count" for the weekend! Because of 2 Allbreed finals my cat received, the champion count going down by one meant my cat's points went down by 2 - leaving us at 199 grand points. So close... and yet, so far!

Lesson Learned

I know I will always remember that a transferred cat must be shown in at least one ring as a Champion in order to count for the weekend! Spread the word!

Happy Ending

The kitty granded next show, first ring. :-))

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