Two Lives Down: Seven To Go

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Published October 2011

In the town of West Valley in the state of Utah, a black and white cat with white paws named Andrea must be counting her remaining lives, because she must have only seven left. But there is no doubt that she is a survivor.

Andrea was brought to the West Valley City animal shelter by police because she was a stray. Following the shelter's policy, Andrea was kept at the shelter for 30 days, but when she was neither claimed nor adopted, she was scheduled to be euthanized October 17th, 2011.

Andrea was placed in the shelter's carbon monoxide gas chamber. When the shelter's employee went to remove the body after waiting the prescribed time, Andrea still showed signs of life. She was placed back in the chamber for another dose of gas.

Removed a second time, the seemingly lifeless body was then placed in a plastic bag in a cooler to await disposal.

But Andrea was not about to go easily. She was discovered alive in the plastic bag.

Well, the shelter workers could not deny Andrea's will to live. She received a stay of execution.

Janita Coombs of Syracuse, a volunteer with the Community Animal Welfare Society, said Andrea is now staying at her home while she looks for a permanent home for her.

Talk about a cat having nine lives!!!

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