CFA To Register Household Pets

Published February 2011

Unlike some other registries such as TICA which register Household Pets and give awards to the top cats at both the regional and national level, CFA does not register Household Pets. Although many CFA clubs provides classes at their shows in which the Household Pet can compete, there are no official titles or awards provided in CFA for their Household Pet exhibitors.

Despite their seeming second-class status, many of the Household Pets exhibitors belong to CFA clubs and help put on shows.  Often times they branch out and acquire a premiership pedigreed cat and even become involved in breeding and showing in the kitten and championship class. 

Clearly, the Household Pet owner is no different than the pedigreed cat exhibitor - they both love cats and enjoy showing.

CFA Household Pets In The 1970s and 80s

At one time, CFA did register Household Pets. The first Household Pet was registered on October 16. 1969, when it was given the registration #1.  For the next two decades, Household Pets were registered and numbered consecutively until the program ended on October 16, 1989 with the registration of cat #530.


Although CFA does not officially give any awards to household pets, all but one region in CFA actually tracks, scores and gives unofficial awards to the top Household Pets in their region. This is not an easy task considering the cats in question must be tracked by name and owner rather than via a unique registration number. It is only accomplished by dedicated volunteers in each region who gather and tabulate all the Household Pets show results throughout the year.

Next Step For Household Pets in CFA

In 2011, CFA judge Kim Everett-Hirsch submitted a proposal to re-activate the old Household Pets registry and to tighten the requirements in the application form to include the requirement that all Household Pets be neutered/spayed in order to be eligible for a registration number.  CFA did not have class numbers for Household Pets when the original program was started in 1969, but now it does, so the class number would be used as a prefix and CFA will continue adding the numbers consecutively starting with #531. 

The Positives Of Registering Household Pets

Enacting the proposal to register Household Pets brings with it many positives:
  • For those regions that score Household Pets, the individual registration number would greatly simplify the task of tracking and scoring each Household Pet. 
  • Officially recognizing the Household Pet with a registration number would be an acknowledgement of their contribution to the clubs and shows of CFA.  
  • Re-activating the Household Pets registry would demonstrate CFA's commitment to the neuter/spay program of all pet cats.
  • The income from registration fees will positively impact CFA's bottom line.


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