Ceylon's Wand-erland: Stunning & Unique Cat Teasers
Published December 2015

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Chasity Rader began breeding Persians under the Ceylon cattery name in 1998.

From the beginning, Chasity planned on specializing in the challenging world of Chocolate & Lilac bicolors.

She always loved jewels and had even started a collection of rare & exotic gemstones while still in high school. When selecting her cattery name, she wanted to highlight the blue eyes of the Himalayans that were the reservoir of the chocolate gene in Persians. The country of Ceylon, now known as Sri Lanka, was iconic for their blue sapphires . . . and so Ceylon became her cattery name.

For 17 years Chasity championed not only chocolate and lilac bicolors, but also odd-eyed and blue-eyed bicolor Persians. Her many accomplishments in the cat fancy are historical but she is most proud of GC Ceylon's Color Me Crazy, CFA's First Lilac/Chocolate bicolor Persian Grand Champion and GC Ceylon's Ready Or Not Here Eye Come, CFA's first blue-eyed male bicolor Grand Champion.

After 17 years of breeding and showing, and with major changes in her life including returning to school, Chasity retired her Persian breeding program in 2012.

Chasity In Wand-erland

Like most cat owners, Chasity had purchased hundreds of cat teasers over the years. While she had her favorites, she also felt there was always something missing. She thought she would create a better cat teaser — and the project quickly became her passion.

She began sketching her ideas for high-end, glamorous, bling-ified cat teasers. Because Chasity adores sparkle, she designed her teasers using the finest Swarovski crystal beads & elements such as crystal hearts, butterflies, silver crowns and jingle bells.

Through a process of trial and error, engineering and re-engineering, she perfected several stunning designs. Next she searched for viable sources for the feathers, crystals and the glitter she needed. It was important to Chasity that her supplies came from responsible sources, especially that the feathers were cruelty-free — not painfully plucked from the birds. She found naturally-shed wild Mallard duck feathers and Peacock feathers molted by free range birds in Brazil.

By May 2015, her first designs were a reality. Chasity was ready to share her creations with the cat fancy — and Ceylon's Wand-erland was born . . .

Before offering her teasers to the general public, Chasity shipped samples to friends and cat show judges across the United States to be tested by a wide range of cat breeds and personalities. The feedback was unanimous . . . the kitties and people LOVED her wands!

The Wand-erland Designs

Ceylon's Wand-erland currently has 8 stunning designs from which to choose:

The Signature Wand

The Signature Wand is a striking teaser featuring crystals and feathers galore. Your cattery name can be spelled out in beads placed inside the teaser's handle!



The Snow Wand

The Snow Wand has a handle filled with sparkling, twinkling, glittering, moving flakes — like a snow globe!

Of course, it also features Wand-erland's classic crystals and elements . . . and you can also have it customized with your cattery name.



The Potion Wand

The Potion Wand is a mini version of the Snow Wand.

The wands are filled with floating glitter to accentuate the Swarovski beads and decorative tinsel top.

The Potion Wand is the perfect size to fit in an exhibitor's pocket when showing that special feline.


The Queen's Scepter

The Queen's Scepter is a royally fanciful wand that can include your name for that personal touch.

Its thin tube handle is filled with delicate glass bubbles.

The end of the wand features a large tear drop crystal like the gem on a royal Scepter.

It is a teaser fit for a Queen . . . but stud cats like it too.

The Queen's Scepter can also be personalized with your cattery name spelled out in beads.

The Had Matter Wand

This gorgeous heavy duty teaser has been specially designed to withstand the powerful paws of even the most athletic kitty — a massive Maine Coon, a roughhousing Ragdoll or a bruising Bengal will not destroy the Had Matter wand .

The Adventure Wand

The Adventure Wand has a magical light show in its handle!

A rainbow of colorful LED lights flicker in 3 different patterns that will entice even the most laid-back feline to engage in play.

Can be personalized too!

The Tweedleder Wand

The Tweedleder Wand is a 2-in-1 wand featuring a Swarovski  crystals ballpoint pen with a hand spun tinsel or feather top.

This handy teaser/pen is the cat exhibitor's essential companion. Mark your catalogue or play with your kitty all in one!

The Tweedleder can be clipped to your catalogue but is also small enough to slip in your pocket.

It is available in a full range of colors and the ink cartage is replaceable.

The Jabberwookie Wand

The Jabberwookie Wand is an extra-long, elegant teaser with style and flash.

When Brittney Gobble of Brittney Gobble Photography requested a teaser at least 3 feet in length to aid in her feline photography — the Jabberwookie Wand was the result.

The Jabberwookie Wand has both feathers and tinsel streamers. The 10-12 inch (25-30 cm) feathers are strong, durable tail feathers that can withstand rugged pulling and chewing. The streamers are a generous 20 inches long. The wand has an extra-long, glass bubble-filled handle that makes the teaser 3 feet in length. This allows the photographer to remain behind the camera while also able to reach close to the feline subject with the teaser to capture the kitty's interest. Of course, the Jabberwookie is also purrfect for playing with kittens at home as you can readily reach out to encourage them to play.

The Jabberwookie can be personalized with your name in beads.

How To Purchase Your Ceylon Wand-erland Teaser

To purchase YOUR Ceylon Wand-erland teasers online go to:

Donna Waskiewicz of Posh Persians can also be found at CFA shows with the Ceylon's Wand-erland booth plus her own handmade cat bibs and cat beds of Posh Accessories.

  • Bulk Order in Multiples of 10: Do you want to order 10 or more Snow Wands personalized with your cattery name? They make a great gift to give to kitten buyers that become a usable sort of business card. 10 Snow Wands would be $200.00 plus shipping. That is a savings of $4.00 / wand for adding your cattery name free of charge. This offer is only available for Snow Wands and only for orders of 10 at a time.
  • Ordering a Wand for Christmas: Want to give a customized Wand-erland teaser for Christmas? Order by Dec 10th for USA orders. Wands to be shipped overseas must be ordered by November 22nd at the latest. Wand-erland will ship directly to the gift recipient if you wish.

Fanciers Experience Wand-er-lust

It wasn't long before cat fanciers were clamoring for Chasity's creations. The response was overwhelming. Below are just a few of the comments made by people about their Wand-erland teaser . . .

From Kathryn Queen, Oklahoma, USA

When I saw the Wand-erland teasers in a Facebook post, I was very impressed. I was showing my white Persian, Cacao Imagine Dragon, and was making cranberry and steel colored satin cage curtains with dark red bead work for him. I emailed Chasity asking if she had any wands that would match and that I'd also like "CACAO" spelled out in letter-beads in the handle.

Chasity asked me a few more questions and later that day she sent me a picture of a Signature Wand she had assembled. I was totally amazed because it was perfect!  I liked it so much, I asked her to make another for my friend, Carissa of CACAO Cattery, as a gift.

Since then, I have purchased a smaller "Snow Wand" and a "Tweedleder Wand" — and I have my eye on many more to coordinate with my cats and cage curtains. The Wand-erland teasers are both beautiful and high quality. Chasity is a true artist.

From Sharon Smith Shulby, Magnadolz Ragdolls, California, USA

I've purchased 6 teasers from Chasity. I breed and show Ragdolls and all of my cats love teaser toys, but they seem to have a special affinity for Wand-erland teasers. I think they love the sparkle of the Swarovski crystals, the bling, the jewels, the movement, colors and personalization.

Photo by Helmi Flick

From Diane Wagner, Vareda Persians, Minnesota, USA

I purchased a Potion Wand and had a Snow Wand personalized with my cattery name.  I love both of these wands so much, and more importantly, so do my cats.  Chasity asked what I was looking for and she listened very carefully, designing exactly the style and color that I requested.  They are beautiful, durable and unique.  I’m suspect more will be coming to my cattery soon!

GC, RW Vareda’s True To My Heart (Black Persian) photo by Preston

From Lu Gilliam, Kinbato Oriental Shorthairs, Japanese Bobtails & American Curls, California, USA

After receiving my first Wand-erland teaser as a special gift, I was so impressed that I ordered several more of the lovely and stunning wands. Chasity takes her time crafting the exact custom wand that you desire. She shipped my order in record time and when I purchased a wand as a gift she shipped it directly to the recipient's address. I gave four more as gifts at a recent cat show I attended. Everyone one loved them! The wands are not only beautiful but they stand up to all the play of my Oriental Shorthairs, Japanese Bobtails and American Curls. The kitties all give a thumbs up!

PreciousCurl Alex of Kinbato (LH American Curl) & CH, GP, RW Kurisumasu Monkicho of Kinbato (Japanese Bobtail) Photos by Chanan

From Kirstin and Emma Parro, Central Park Persians, Vermont, USA

I contacted Chasity for a wand after seeing her beautiful teaser wands in person. I knew I wanted something special to accompany our Persian princess, Prudence, on her campaign. I expressed my desire for something "high-end and unique" to match my white dream girl. Chasity created a wand designed after a queen's scepter that featured Prudence's show name "Kiss My Tiara", a crown bead, rhinestone beads and all of the pink and sparkles a girl could ever ask for. No only was it beautiful but Prudence loved it too!

Central Park Kiss My Tiara photo by L. Johnson

From Cheryl Kerr, Nada Lykoi, Sphynx & Devon Rex, Florida, USA

I was introduced to Wand-erland teasers by my breeding partner. She had a gorgeous custom teaser made for me and my cats adore it. This lead me to seek out a few other styles for myself and having a multi-cat household with very high play-drive kitties they are always in use. The teasers are not only well made and durable but they are each like individual pieces of art. At first I thought they were too pretty to allow the cats to play with them but quickly learned that they are rugged and can withstand even the roughest play. Below is a photo of a litter of Nada kittens intent upon watching their Wand-erland teaser.

From Tabitha Metcalfe, Purrelli Exotics, Kentucky, USA

I ordered two teasers from Wand-erland Teasers.  I was so excited to see the new wands because I requested my Cattery name be included in the wand handle. When they arrived they were very elegant but had a nice strength to them too.  These wands are not made of cheap material; they have beautiful high-end beading. My cats love the sparkle of the wand and the flashy feathers. The shipping was very quick too, with thoughtful packaging that smelled divine.

From Drew Barnes, Senrabe Oriental Shorthairs, California, USA

I have at least one of every kind of wand that Chasity Rader makes. I just sent some out as Christmas gifts and also to a couple of judges.  The kittens and cats all love them. I love that they are both hand made and well made and Chasity does them so quickly for me.  I just special ordered 2 more from her. 

Photo on the left by Chanan


From Tracy Dalton, Toxicate Cattery, California, USA

Wander-Land teasers are outstanding! Chasity's dedication to quality is amazing.  Her passion shows in her work.


Photo by Chanan

From Juli Garland, Notricats, Tennessee, USA

I LOVE Wander-Land teasers! 

I received one as a gift from a very good friend.  I immediately ordered 4 more. And I plan on giving them for gifts to friends for Christmas. 

I have several Persians who as a rule are a bit lazy about playing with toys.  Not these!  I actually have to hide them in a closet or the cats will find them. They are the special treat toys. Going to the vet is one time I use them.  And especially Cat Shows. 

Each wand is individualized and incredibly made.  Chasity is such a joy to deal with and will help make the perfect teaser for your cat’s needs! A Must Have for Cat people!!

Pictured on the right is GC, GP, NW, RW D’Eden Lover Cookie of Notricats who LOVES her Wand-erland teaser!

From Brittney Gobble, Brittney Gobble Photography , USA

I am both a cat breeder, as well as a pet photographer specializing in feline photography. Both of the breeds I work with are high energy breeds, so it takes every trick and tool to get the perfect poses. I have tried nearly every type of teaser toy and wand that has been made, with most lasting a few weeks before breaking (or before my cats run off with them and chew off the feathers). The couple of teaser wands that survived past the first few weeks are quite ugly and boring and my cats have no desire to play with them. When Ceylon began designing wands I was first struck by their beauty, but I remained skeptical that they could survive against rigorous use. I was greatly surprised! Every single wand I have received from Ceylon's Wand-erland is still in perfect condition, even the very first ones I received! During a photo session I will often alternate toys to keep my kitty models interested, and the Ceylon wands are the ones I know will get a cat's attention every single time. I don't recommend things that I don't truly like, but I recommend these all the time! The quality is superb and let's face it . . . they are so stylish! I carry one around in the pocket of my purse and at shows I slide one in my boot for easy access. A few times my cats have decided to sneak them out of the studio when I wasn't watching (these are their favorites to steal because of the infused catnip in the feathers) and I have found them being chewed and drug through my house and yet they are still in beautiful condition! I am a life long fan and supporter!

Photo with Lykoi kitten by Brittney Gobble, Brittney Gobble Photography

From Jacqui Bennett, Low Country Ocicats & CFA Allbreed Judge, Georgia, USA

Wand-erland toys are the best tool in my judges tool kit. They are as well made as they are beautiful and adored by cats and humans alike. Chasity does a great job and I won't judge without them.

CFA Judge Jacqui Bennett is pictured with her Wand-erland teasers in hand, on and under her judging table

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