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Published July 2007

As discussed in the article, Blood Type Incompatibility in Cats, it can be very important to blood type your breeding cats to avoid the risk of kitten loss due to blood type incompatibility.

In the past, typically, blood typing has been performed in a veterinary office.

Now, researchers at UC Davis, California have discovered the gene and mutations associated with the A and B blood groups.

With this discovery, a diagnostic DNA test has been developed to determine the blood types of cats.

Animals can be tested at an early age from a buccal swab. A-carriers (A/B) can now also be easily identified.

Cat breeders can greatly benefit from this test for selection of mating pairs to avoid production of NI kittens.

For more details, go to http://vgl.ucdavis.edu/service/cat/bloodgroup.html

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