DNA Test For Pointed and Sepia Genes

Published January 2005

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January 2005 Once again the Veterinary Genetics Laboratory at the University of California (Davis) has announced exciting news!

DNA tests are now available for both the pointed gene and the sepia gene.

By just sending a buccal (cheek) swab into UC Davis, your cat can be tested tested to determine its genotype at the albinism locus: cscs, cscb, cbcb, Ccs, Ccb, or CC. No more guessing as to whether that cats is carrying points or not!

The test will also be able to identify albinism cats and carriers of that allele (ca).

PKD testing in British Shorthairs is also now available.

UC Davis continues to advance in the field of feline genetics!

For more information go to:

Website: http://www.vetmed.ucdavis.edu/PHR/LyonsDen/

Lab E-mail: felinegenome@ucdavis.edu

E-mail: lalyons@ucdavis.edu

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