Ann Pevey, Wynden Persians (1933 - 2010)

Published January 2010

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After suffering a long illness, Ann Pevey, CFA judge and noted breeder of Persians under the Wynden cattery name, died quietly in Bellaire, Texas.

Ann's primary breed was Persians, but she also was involved with Manx, Orientals and Abyssinians.

Ann entered the cat fancy in 1965 when her husband, Keith, purchased a show cat for her - a brown tabby Persian which she first showed in Premiership at the Houston Cat Club Show.  Her cat made the finals and Ann was hooked.  She began her Wynden Persian breeding program with that first cat's half brother and females in black, tabby and parti-color (her first love). Ann quickly earned a reputation for having beautiful cats groomed to perfection.

Ann's first national win was with GC, NW Wynden Blackberry, a black female Persian that was 5th Best Kitten in 1970-71. The following year Ann campaigned a brown tabby girl, GC, BW, NW Wynden Robin, to 2nd Best Kitten.This marked the first year a tabby Persian became a national winner. Over a quarter century later, Wynden-bred Persians were still making national wins.

GC, BW, NW Wynden Robin
CFA 2nd Best Kitten 1971-72

GC, NW Wynden Spodiodi
CFA 6th Best Kitten 1986-87
CFA 2nd Best Cat in Championship 1987-88

Then along came the double national winning blue male, GC, NW Wynden Spodiodi, who was 6th Best Kitten in 1986-87 and 2nd Best Cat in Championship the following year.

Although Spodiodi narrowly missed a Cat of The Year award by placing second, after two back-to-back national campaigns, Ann accepted the loss with the grace and sportsmanship for which she was noted. Spodiodi's campaign was also a turning point for Ann. She decided that she wanted to be a CFA judge so she could "get her hands on ALL the gorgeous cat's" at the shows.  She became a CFA judge in 1989. As a judge, she traveled the world until illness forced her to retire in 2004. Her credo both as a breeder and a judge was - breeding, type, condition, personality - these were the ingredients for any top show cat.

While Ann was now too busy with judging assignments to show as she used to, there were still Wynden cats continuing to excel in the show ring for other exhibitors, including more national wins. In 1991-92 GC, a black male, GC, NW Wynden Neimen Marques was 2nd Best Cat in Championship. Then in the 1994-95 show season, another black male, GC, BW, NW Wynden Boomerang, was again 2nd Best Cat in Championship. This was the third time a Wynden cat had missed being Cat of The Year by a single placement!

The final Wynden national winner was in 1996-97 when the black neuter, GP, NW Wynden Armani of Johnorah, was CFA's 9th Best Kitten.

GC, NW Wynden Neimen Marques
CFA 2nd Best Cat in Championship 1991-92

GC, BW, NW Wynden Boomerang
CFA 2nd Best Cat in Championship 1994-95

GP, NW Wynden Armani of Johnorah
CFA 9th Best Kitten 1996-97

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