The Aquarius Cat

by Betty Sleep
Carraig Birmans

Published February 2006

January 21 - February 18:

AQUARIUS, The Water Bearer - A cat above the rest
Planet: Uranus, far out and on its own

The most outstanding of cats. Your Aquarius might be plain old black, but he will not be like any other black cat you've ever seen. They have that certain something, that " je ne sais quoi" that puts them head and whiskers above the everyday riffraff. Aquarians are generally imposing in demeanor if not physical stature. Even the most delicate of females has a presence that says "I am here". They are quite simply... different. Many odd-eyed cats are Aquarians for that very reason.

They exude dignity, intelligence, and good taste. Never dismiss the book on the floor as a bored feline's game. If you check the shelf, you'll find he/she has been reading their way through Shakespeare , Doestevsky, and Ernest Hemingway.

The cat born under this time will never be anything but independent. Yet despite the oneness with themselves, they are neither haughty nor aloof, and have been known to suffer the closer, more intimate attentions of hugging and cuddling from casual caregivers, while in the depths of despair over the temporary absence of their human slaves. But as soon as you return they will take a shinny up the apple tree and stroll along the eaves trough, just to prove that they are still independent.

PREY: Once again displaying their uniqueness. Aquarians do not hunt. They let you do it for them.


DINING: Aquarians are not always fussy in the general sense. They will eat almost anything you serve, but not necessarily twice, or ever again.

MUSIC: Sacred arias, The Maine coon Tabernacle Choir

SLEEPING: The top of the china cabinet, book case, or even a bird feeder on a pole. Far enough up to assert their individuality, but close enough to civilization to stay in touch.

COMPANIONS: Steven Hawking, Carl Sagan, David Suzuki

ACCEPTABLE HUMANS: Philosophers or Kings…they aren't fussy.

NAMES: Eugene, Charles, Sophocles.

INTERACTION: Consists mostly of supervisory type behaviour, as befits their solitude and "you made your bed, don't expect me to lie in it," attitude. Watching you prepare dinner...they ever so casually push a shaker off the table to indicate that you have forgotten the salt. Writing a letter, they walk across it while you answer the phone…a subtle indication that using a leaky pen is tacky, and the paw prints will now necessitate starting over.

PREVIOUS EXISTENCE: First cat to reach the North Pole, solo. Guardian of the statues on Easter Island. Editorial assistant to Martin Luther.

MOTTO: " E singlius meum". ..All alone am I. Later made into a hit song in the 60s, for which they got no royalties.

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