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For kids, September means it's time to go BACK TO SCHOOL. For them, it is a compulsory activity . . . but how about the cat breeder?

Do you go back to school every season? Even after years of experience breeding and showing cats, are you still learning new things? Or is there a point at which you feel like you have seen and done it all?

There is great value in the things that experience teaches us.  Yet even the most experienced cat breeder will always have more to learn.  Why?  Because things keep changing.

Veterinary medicine advances.

There are genetic breakthroughs.

Show rules change.

New import-export regulations affect kitten sales.

Constantly read about subjects that relate to issues in the cat fancy.  Keep abreast of the latest health issues, breeding problems, grooming techniques.  Even if you are not showing, be aware of what is happening on the show front.  Study the pedigrees of winning cats.  Investigate what is trending on the cat lists and social media.

Look around any cat show hall on the weekend and it is quickly evident that the age of the average exhibitor is more likely over 40 years than under.  They remember a time when telephones had cords and the only place kittens were advertised for sale was in the newspaper or magazines.

Those same exhibitors are now talking on cell phones, checking out websites on an iPad and updating photos on their Facebook pages.

Embrace change. Keep learning about new things.  If you don't, you will miss out on a lot.


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