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All cat owners are special in one way or another . . . but we would especially like to honor those special owners who open their homes and hearts to the difficult-to-place or less-than-perfect kittens.

Bless the pet owner who:

  1. Loves the Pedigreed Cat with a Disqualifying Fault: If you are a Persian or an Exotic kitten, a long nose means you are pet quality. The nice part about this is that there are people who PREFER a Persian with a long nose . . . The same goes for a straight-eared Scottish Fold or a Manx with a tail . . . To the owner who prefers these kittens who do not fulfill their breed's description . . . Bless You!
  2. The Litter Box Problem Cat: Most kittens are naturally clean and start using the litter box as soon as they are able to toddle into it on their short, stubby legs. Occasionally a kitten will be "slow" about getting the idea. This kitten may be inconsistent in its litter box habits. To the owner who perseveres with the slow kitten . . . Bless You!
  3. The Shy Cat: Most breeders will have a shy kitten at some point. It will require a quiet household and an owner willing to spend extra time building its confidence. To those owners. . . Bless You!
  4. The Bad Mannered Cat: Not all cats have sweet personalities. To the owner who takes on the challenge of an aloof or snotty feline personality . . . Bless You!
  5. The Imperfect Cat: To the owner who love the kitten with a crooked face, bad teeth, or pet quality . . . Bless You!
  6. The Medical Problem Cat: Heart murmur, diabetes, chronic upper respiratory infections, weepy eyes . . . there are cats that have health problems for which there are no easy cures . . . yet there are owners willing to take on the special challenges these cats may face . . . Bless You!
  7. The Older Cat: 6-7-10-12 years old . . . Whatever the reason — be it retirement from a breeding programs, to the cat given up because of the death of an owner — there are times an older cat must find a new home. It takes a special owner who accepts these elderly felines into their family, knowing full well that they are in their senior years . . . Bless You!
  8. The Destructive Cat: Some cats just never learned to use a scratching post. To own one means your home will never be featured in House Beautiful magazine. To the owners who love their cats more than their furniture . . . Bless You!
  9. The Rescued Cat: When a cat is surrendered to a humane society, it is often in poor condition or has a behavioral problem. To those people who rescue these abandoned babies and open their hearts to them . . . Bless You!

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