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Let's consider some facts that are indisputable.

The cat is actually more popular than man's best friend. More than one third of the households in the USA own at least one cat. And, there are 16 million more pet cats than pet dogs in the US.

USA Today conducted a survey in September 2010 asking its readers how having a cat as a pet had improved the owner's life. The response was over-whelming. Below are the most popular and practical reasons why owners choose a cat over their canine counterparts include:

  • Cats are independent and don't require as much care as dogs.
  • Cats are entertaining to watch, even indoors
  • Cats teach us and our children to be kinder, gentler souls, as they will not tolerate too rough handling the way a dog might.
  • Caring for a cat improves their morale.
  • Having a cat as part of the household helps validate us, especially for seniors who live alone.
  • The responsibility of cat ownership encourages us to take care of ourselves.
  • Research shows that purring can lower blood pressure and quiet a stressed-out brain.
  • The vibration of purring even helps bones heal faster.


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