Cat Saves Owner From Pit Bull Attack

Published August 2010

The old saying may be, "A dog is man's best friend", but it isn't always true. Just ask Cherry Woods, a 39-year old woman, from Pearland, a suburb of Houston, Texas. She was walking back to her home when she noticed two dogs playing in the distance. When they started charging towards her, she tried to hurry home, but the two Pit Bulls quickly caught up to her and knocked her down just steps from her home.

Her husband, Harold, inside the house, ran outside when he heard her screams. He tried to separate the dogs from his wife, but the powerful dogs kept coming back on the attack.

That's when the couple's calico cat, Lima, jumped into the fray.

The normally shy feline exploded out of nearby bushes and hissed and scratched at the Pit Bulls, distracting them long enough for Harold to grab his wife and pull her inside their home.

Animal control was called and officers captured the wayward dogs. They were placed in quarantine at the City of Pearland's Animal Shelter pending a hearing to determine whether they'll be allowed to return home.

This story has a happy ending for Cherry Woods and Lima, as they both are recovering from the traumatic experience.

While Cherry rested on her sofa, recovering from the traumatic experience, Lima keeps watch over her, the shy kitty turned feline heroine seems to know she did well :-).


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