LaPerms & American Ringtails
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Published June 2004

Tracing a pedigree back in history continues its growing ways.

We are pleased to announce the launch of two new breed pedigree databases.

LaPerm Pedigree Database

Anthony Nichols of Quincunx LaPerms & Devon Rex, has donated the first LaPerm database to Anthony imported the very first LaPerm into the United Kingdom.

American Ringtail Pedigree Database

Beth Gardner of Haya-Ji Orientals & American Ringtails has donated a database of American Ringtails.

American Ringtails carry their tails up over their backs and in a curl, much like the dog breeds, Siberian Husky or Samoyed.

The American Ringtail is a very young breed that is now on the journey to acceptance in TICA and CFA. is excited and honored to be a part of their journey, even if in a small way.

If you have a database, we hope you consider adding it to the CatPedigrees website, helping to build an enduring legacy for all cat breeders.

Think your database is too small to donate? How about getting together with friends the way the Turkish Angora and Somali breeders have and combining databases? Or send your database to us and we will start one to which other linechasers of your breed can add theirs!

Anyone donating their database will have their cattery banner added to the CatPedigrees Links Page. is interested in including databases of all breeds.

We also hope you will take the banner below and add it to you website with a link to

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