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Published October 2003

Tracing a pedigree back in history

July 1st, and launched a new website devoted to linechasing - the study of cat pedigrees. debuted with 3 databases of Persian and Exotic pedigrees. Within just two weeks another Persian/Himalayan database was added along with databases for Cornish Rex and Ocicats.

We are now pleased to announce the launch of three more databases:

  • 4,120 Pedigrees of Selkirk Rex donated by Donna Bass, Woolibaar Selkirk Rex
  • 3,650 Somali Pedigrees - Titled Somali Friends, this unique database is the combination of databases from three breeders: Tammy Roark of Tamarakatz, Kathy Black of Foxykats and Charlene Munro of Gunsmoke Somalis.
  • 27,500 Pedigrees Himalayan/Persian pedigrees donated by Belinda Ernest of Tanglebox Himalayans & Persians

Breeders are demonstrating incredible generosity in sharing their pedigrees with the world.

If you have a database, we hope you consider adding it to the website, helping to build an enduring legacy for all cat breeders.

Think your database is too small to donate? How about getting together with friends the way the Somali breeders have and combining databases? Or send your database to us and we will start one to which other linechasers of your breed can add theirs! is interested in including databases of all breeds.

We also hope you will take the banner below and add it to you website with a link to

For more information and to visit the website, go to

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