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The 2018 CFA International Cat Show was held October 12-13, 2019 in Cleveland, Ohio.

The show drew 800 competition entries from 17 countries around the world, representing 43 unique pedigreed breeds, as well as non-pedigreed, mixedbreed kittens and cats. Over 10,000 spectators attended the event

The excitement of the two day event came to a colorful end on Sunday when the highest scoring longhair and shorthair from the Kitten, Championship and Premiership classes entered the final judging ring to compete for Best In Show.

After much deliberation . . . Best In Show was awarded to the gorgeous Persian, GC Pinkpawpal Cassiopeia, a brown patched tabby and white female, bred and owned by Pattama Weeranon.

First runner-Up was a kitten, Teddy-Cat Antony of R-Mint Cat, Blue British Shorthair Male bred by Bei Xue Wang and co-owned by Yuri Wang and Bei Xue Wang.

Second runner-up was GC Chelsea Rose Raspberry Tart, a Blue British Shorthair Male, bred by Cynthia Byrd & Andrea Bohen and co- owned by Cynthia Byrd & Andrea Bohen & Wenwei Shi.

Best In Show

 GC Pinkpawpal Cassiopeia
Brown Patched Tabby & White Persian Female

Bred and owned by Pattama Weeranon


First Runner Up & Best Shorthair Kitten in Show
Teddy-Cat Antony of R-Mint Cat

Blue British Shorthair Male

Bred by Bei Xue Wang and co-owned by Yuri Wang and Bei Xue Wang.


Second Runner Up & Best Shorthair in Championship

GC, BWR, NW Chelsea Rose Raspberry Tart

Blue British Shorthair Male
Photo by L. Johnson

Bred by Cynthia Byrd & Andrea Bohen and co- owned by Cynthia Byrd & Andrea Bohen & Wenwei Shi.


(From left to right):

Chris Wang with first runner-up Teddy-Cat Antony of R-Mint Cat,
Andrea Boren, CFA President Mark Hannon, Allen Shi holding second runner-up GC Chelsea Rose Raspberry Tart and Cyndi Bird,
Pattama Weeranon with Best In Show winner GC Pinkpawpal Cassiopeia and and Chate Ruengruglikit.


Best Veteran

Photo by Jim Child

GC, GP, NW Karabel’s Heavenly Bliss DM
11 year old Cream Point Himalayan Spay
Breeder: Christine Arnold
Owner: Katrina Ojaste


Best Household Pet

GH, HNW Han Solo
Brown Mackerel Tabby & White Neuter

Owned by Donna Zimmerman



Best In Agility

GC, AGN Riverspots YellowPolkaDotBikini

TIME: 09.28 Seconds

15-month old Ocicat Female

Breeder/Owner: Peter and Beth Deal



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Breed Booth Contest Winners

Congratulations to this year’s breed booth contest winners! Breed Booth Judging Results – #1 Ocicat, #2 Abyssinian, #3 Colorpoint Shorthair, #4 Manx, #5 Devon Rex (judges were Pam Degolyer, Amber Goodright & Hope Gonanao)


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