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Published December 2013

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The 2013 Cat Fanciers' Association / Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litter World Cat Show was held at the Suburban Collection Showplace, in Novi, Michigan.

Repeating last year's format, there were actually two separate shows running concurrently on the weekend. A cat could only compete in one of the shows.

A total of 719 cats competed over the weekend representing 40 breeds.

Once the judging for each separate show was completed, the top three cats from each show met to compete for Best of the Best.

When the smoke cleared, it was a 1-year, 4-month-old calico Persian female who was awarded Best In Show. Congratulations to GC Belamy Desiderata of Cinema!

First runner-up was a chocolate spotted male Ocicat kitten, DotDotDot BornInTheUSA of Wild Rain and second runner-up was a blue point Birman neuter, GP Sandesox JustSweetness of Whitesox.

Best Of Breed Winners for each show can be found at:

Congratulations to all the winners!

Best In Show

photo by Mark Hannon

GC Belamy Desiderata of Cinema

Calico Persian Female

Breeder: M. Vowe
Owners: Connie Stewart, Blake Mayes, Dennis Adler

1st Runner-Up

photo by Mark Hannon

DotDotDot BornInTheUSA of Wild Rain

Chocolate Spotted Ocicat Male

Breeder/Owner: Roger & Nancy Brown / David & Carol Freels

2nd Runner-Up

photo by Mark Hannon

GP Sandesox JustSweetness of Whitesox

Blue Point Birman Neuter

Breeder: Karen Lane / Sandy Faust
Owners: Karen Lane, Sandy Faust, Yvonne Griffin

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