CFA World Championship Cat Show 2014
Photos & Text by MARK HANNON, CFA President
Published December 2014

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The 2014 Cat Fanciers' Association / Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litter World Championship Cat Show was held at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, Pennsylvania on November 22-23, 2014.

A total of 671 cats competed over the weekend representing 40 different breeds.  Excitement permeated the air.

With so many entries, it was not possible for the judges to handle all the cats in a single show so the show was once again broken into two shows running concurrently.  Each show had nine rings—four Allbreed rings and five LH/SH Specialty rings.  Exhibitors were given the choice of which show to enter.

The CFA world show is truly a feline extravaganza, beginning with the many cats that travel from around the world to compete.  Owners and their cats made the trip to Pennsylvania from across Europe, South America, Asia, and from all over North America. 

The show also featured agility competitions, a large number of vendors of feline-related products, and local animal shelters were present with many of their cats adopted to forever homes over the course of the weekend.

A separate "Education Ring" provided useful information to spectators throughout the weekend.  Forty Breed Booths were set up to promote their individual cat breeds to the public along with a booth from The CFA Foundation Feline Historical Museum.

A face painter entertained the kids while a talented caricaturist captured many adults in a whimsical way.  There was something for everyone.

Perhaps the best thing about the CFA World Show is that it provides the rare opportunity for breeders and exhibitors from distant areas and lands to gather together to meet each other in person, often for the first time . . . to see cats they have only heard about . . . to exchange ideas and experiences. 

At the end of the weekend, a panel of three judges selected the Best In Show from the highest scoring Kitten, Championship Cat, and Premiership Cat from both shows . . . six cats vying to be chosen as Best In Show. 

The big winner was a cream & white Persian neuter from the United States—GC,GP,NW VELVETKIST PACK N’HEAT OF KRIMPURRS. Nicknamed Frankie, the magnificent Persian is co-owned by Beth Holly and Noralyn Heisig. 

The highest scoring kittens in both shows were from China (a British Shorthair and a longhair Scottish Fold) and the highest scoring cat in Championship in one show was an Exotic from Italy.  How exciting to see that CFA's top cats are found world-wide. 

Complete show results are available at

Congratulations to all the winners!

Photo by L. Johnson

Best In Show

Highest Scoring Cat in Premiership (Red Show)

GC, GP, NW Velvetkist Pack'n Heat of Krimpurrs

Owner: Beth Holly/Noralyn Heisig
Cream & White Persian-Cal/Bi-Color Neuter (US)

Judge Larry Atkinson presents Best in Show to GC, GP, NW Velvetkist Pack'n Heat of Krimpurrs
Photo by Mark Hannon

Photo by L. Johnson

2nd Best In Show

Highest Scoring Cat in Championship (Red Show)

GC, NW Wynterwynd Clair De Lune

Owner: Annette Wilson
Blue Russian Blue Female (US)

Judge Diana Doernberg holds aloft the Russian Blue, GC, NW Wynterwynd Clair De Lune
Photo by Mark Hannon

Photo by Chanan

3rd Best In Show

Highest Scoring Cat in Championship (Purple Show)

GC Tombrock's Chopin

Owner: Cuccu/Bertello/Giordano
Black Exotic Male (Italy)

Third Best in Show is the Exotic, GC Tombrock's Chopin, pictured with judge Kathy Black
Photo by Mark Hannon

Highest Scoring Kitten (Red Show)

Coupari Dustin of Kitties Land

Cream Tabby/White Scottish Fold Longhair (China)

Highest Scoring Kitten (Purple Show)

Kitties Land Main Event

Blue Female British Shorthair (China)

Highest Scoring in Premiership (Purple Show)

GP Chome Chai Tomoshibi of Nudawnz

Black/White Neuter Japanese Bobtail Longhair (US)

Billboard advertising the show
Photo by Mark Hannon

Entrance into the show hall
Photo by Mark Hannon

Garfield was at the show to greet our spectators
Photo by Mark Hannon

Kids were delighted to discover there was a face painter at the show
Photo by Mark Hannon

A caricaturist was an added attraction for 2014
Photo by Mark Hannon

Donna Isenberg of Catsafrats Himalayans gave grooming demonstrations in the Royal Canin booth
Photo by Mark Hannon

The action in the Agility ring was a popular attraction
Photo by Mark Hannon

The large number of vendors at the show was a popular attraction
Photo by Mark Hannon

Breed Booths helped to educate the spectators about CFA's 40 different breeds
Photo by Mark Hannon

Judge Diana Doernberg is pictured with Kai Cao from China and his winning Devon Rex kitten
Photo by Mark Hannon

Diane Bove snuggles with her Kitykarekurl Selkirk Rex
Photo by Mark Hannon

Judge Wain Harding examines the head of a tabby zot
Photo by Mark Hannon

Noralyn Heisig and Peggy Huffman pose with their bicolor Persians
Photo by Mark Hannon

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