The Cost Of A Dealer's License

Published November 2013

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With the new USDA / APHIS rule in effect as of November 18th, 2013, cat breeders in the United States will need to consider their options when selling pet kittens. In short, the new rule changes how some breeders will be able to market their pet kittens by limiting sales to face-to-face sales only:

  • Breeders who have four or less breeding females are exempt from the rule: they can sell and ship pets without a license;
  • If all pet sales are face to face, no license is needed
  • The rule applies only to selling of pets, not of breeders used for preservation of bloodlines or working animals (herding, sled or guide dogs are examples of working animals.)

For more details regarding these options, please review the entire article titled USDA / APHIS Rule Change 2013.

If you decide to apply for a dealer's license, there are many questions that will arise. How do I apply? What regulations will I need to pass? Will my cattery be inspected? Perhaps one of the most basic questions is how much will a license cost?

Cost Of A Dealer's License

The cost of a license is based on the amount of money made annually on those pets that are sold without the consumer's seeing the pet first. For instance, in the case of a cat sold for $1200.00, the license cost is based on a percent of that amount and would be about $45.00 or approximately 3.75% of the sale price of the kitten.

The cost is not based on one's total income from breeding cats, but is based only on the total amount received for those pet cats sold and shipped sight unseen.

The cattery owner is asked to estimate the income from sales of pets (sight unseen) to determine the license fee, and is cautioned to estimate on the low side.

According to the USDA, there is no attempt to regulate the number of litters an animal can have in any given time.

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