Goodnight Sweet Prince

Published March 2001

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Sunday, March 4th, 2001, popular CFA judge Craig Rothermel passed away following a massive heart attack. Craig and his wife, Diana, were visiting with her sister in Albuquerque after completing a judging assignment the day before.

Craig was president of CFA from 1994-1998 and a judge for almost 25 years.

Craig loved to judge and was famous for his informative discussions with exhibitors. He taught many of us how better to interpret our breed standard and how better to evaluate our cats.

He was a man of quick wit, hearty laughter and a melodious voice... combined with knowledge and patience and generosity. He was a great ambassador for CFA and a good friend to many in the cat fancy.

Husband and father... judge and educator... ambassador and friend...

He will be greatly missed.

~ Craig Rothermel ~
    • CFA judge from 1977
    • CFA President 1994-1998
    • CFA Director at Large 1985-1993
    • Chairman 1984 CFA Annual Convention
    • Co-Chairman 1977 CFA Annual Convention
    • member of the Phoenix Feline Fanciers cat club
    • breeder of Persians, Abyssinians, Himalayans & Oriental Shorthairs under the Confection & Cramar cattery prefix

Goodnight Sweet Prince
May flights of Angels wing thee to thy rest

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