DMs Added To The Photo Gallery Free!

PandEcats' Gallery debuted in the summer of 2002 as a pictorial collection of Persians and Exotics from the 1500's to the Present. The Gallery is a visual record of the cats that make up our breed history - a record for now and for all time - a record that breeders around the world will be able to use as a reference and a resource in pursuing their dreams of producing outstanding Persians and Exotics.

Breeders are invited to submit photos, one free with each membership or renewal. Since one is never enough :-), additional submissions are available for a minimal charge.

We are now adding a new twist to the >Gallery!

A Photo and information for all cats that have earned the title of Distinguished Merit (CFA), Outstanding Sire/Dam (TICA) or their equivalents in other cat registries may be added to the Gallery absolutely FREE!

For members of Pandecats, this means they may submit photos of their DM cats and still enjoy a free submission of another cat to the Gallery with their membership or renewal every year! For non-members, it means they can submit DM photos free of charge.

PandEcats makes this offer because we feel that the cats who have earned the breeding title of Distinguished Merit or its equivalent deserve to be honored by having their image in our Gallery for everyone to enjoy.

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Your cat can be a star!

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