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The flagship product of KC Pet Products, Dryfur is the first and only disposable crate mat on the market, keeping your pet’s fur dry during a journey.

Portland, OR (PRWEB) January 8, 2006 -- If you’ve worried about transporting your pet and wondered if it will be comfortable and safe, worry no longer. Dryfur, KC Pet Products, LLC’s flagship product, keeps your pet dry and safe throughout the journey.

“Pet professionals and transport companies have been trying for long to find comfortable and safe ways to transport pets,” says Lisa Kelly of KC Pet Products. “At KC Pet Products, we’ve finally discovered the secret.”

An Award-Winning Design

The Dryfur crate mat was given the Editors’ Choice Award for Outstanding Pet Products by Pet Product News as well as Cat Fancy magazine in December 2005. Dryfur is a disposable mat that lines the floor of a pet’s crate or cage. Its super-absorbent technology locks all wetness – even a water-bowl spill – away from the pet, and it insulates the floor of the crate against heat and cold. With its soft, cloth-like texture and a built-in air cushion, Dryfur also provides for a comfortable surface during a pet’s long journey.

Inexpensive as they are, Dryfur inserts are also completely disposable, to be used until soiled and then merely thrown away and replaced.

Pet Travel Kit

KC Pet Products also offers a complete Pet Travel Kit, including essentials such as a “Live Animal” sticker to be put on the crate, replacement kennel nuts and bolts, temporary pet ID tags, food, a document storage pouch, and a pet airline checklist.

“Increasingly, more people want their beloved pets with them on vacation or when they travel, but they just don’t know how to go about achieving that,” says Kelly. “With our Travel Kit and our Dryfur carrier mats, pet owners can be completely at peace as their pets make the journey in total comfort and safety.”

About KC Pet Products, LLC

KC Pet Products, LLC offers a range of products uniquely designed to make your pet’s life more comfortable and safe. The company’s flagship product, Dryfur, keeps pets’ fur completely dry as they are transported in cages on planes, trains or automobiles.

For more information, please visit www.dryfur.com.

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