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So... you have decided to enter your gorgeous new kitten in a cat show. He is so beautiful (Even your husband says so) and you want to show him off to the world.

Now, where do you start?

You can look for upcoming shows in your area by going to CFA Count/Schedule or CFA Show Schedule or contact the breeder of your kitten to find a local show to start.

Call or write the Show Entry Clerk asking for a show flyer and entry form. The flyer contains all the information your need about the show - when, where, judges, closing date for entries, costs, etc.

To fill out the entry form, first get your kitten's registration form.

Look at the top of your entry form...

The first 5 lines of the entry form are for information about the specific cat.

  • Line 1 is for the cat's name - NO titles are included, and you have a maximum of 35 characters. In this example, the cat's name being entered is "Mycattery's Ebony Boy".
  • Line 2 has 4 separate entries. The first space is for the cat's registration number - this is their CFA registration number only, and other than Kittens, to enter a show, your cat MUST have a registration number. For kittens, if you haven't registered them yet, it is permissible to just write "Pending" in that space. The remaining spaces are for the cat's date of birth, the cat's sex, and eye color.
  • Line 3 has 3 separate entries - including probably the most important one on the entry form, the Color Class number. This number is often the same as the prefix of the cat's registration number, but not always, so be sure to double-check this. You can find these numbers listed at the bottom of the breed standard for your particular breed on the CFA site.

    In this particular case, the cat is a black Persian male - by looking at the chart, you find that the correct color class is 0108 .
        Black ......................... 0108 0109
    For championship, that number is all that is needed - for kittens, add a "K" to the end of that number, and for premiership, add a "P" to the end of that number. After the color class entry, you will find blanks to fill in the breed of cat, as well as the color of the cat.
  • Line 4 and Line 5 are for the Sire and Dam's name - in this case, you DO use titles, although you are limited to 40 characters total.

The next 5 lines of the entry form are for information about the cat's owner, and the specific show.

  • Line 1 lists the name of the breeder of the cat.
  • Lines 2 - 4 list the name, address, and phone number for the owner of the cat. This is the information used by CFA Central Office to assign a cat to a specific region.
  • Line 5 is to indicate the specific show you are entering - you will fill out the name of the club putting on the show, the location of the show, and the date of the show.

The next section of the entry form is optional - it is used to specify an agent for the cat, if you are unable to attend. You many only specify ONE agent for any and all cat's entered, and that agent is your benching request. There are only 2 lines in this section - fill it out with the agent's name, address, and phone number.

The bottom section details information about your region, and the class of competition you are entering your cat in.

  • Line 1 asks you to indicate where the confirmation should be sent - to yourself as the owner, or if your cat is being agented, directly to that agent. Simply put a circle around your choice.
  • Line 2 asks you to indicate the region where you reside. If you are unsure which region you reside in, you can find a map and descriptions of the CFA regions on the CFA website.
  • The next section asks you to indicate which class of competition you are entering - simply put an "X" in the appropriate box.
  • The far right-hand column has an area for special requests - here you can indicate if you'd like a double-cage for the cat, a sales cage, a grooming space, end of row, and your benching request. The Benching Request refers to the name of a person you would like to be assigned a cage next to in the benching area. (Please be kind to the entry clerks/benching committee, and only indicate ONE person for a request!)
  • At the bottom, the most important part of all… the signature of the cat's owner. By signing, you agree that you're familiar with the CFA show rules, and that the information you've submitted is correct (to the best of your knowledge).

Now you make out a check for your total entry fees, add the entry form, put both in an envelope addressed to the entry clerk, and make sure you mail it well before the closing date of the show. Or, if time is short, some shows accept faxes or e-mail entries.

If you don't know anyone at the show, don't hesitate to add a note to the entry clerk saying your are a "newbie" (newcomer) and would it be possible to be benched next to someone who would be willing to help you at your first show. Most entry clerks will be happy to find you a new friend to help you and your kitten enjoy your first show together. A call to the entry clerk is often a good idea to explain your situation and to get a contact number of your benching companion.

Welcome to the world of cat shows... and Good Luck!

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