Food For Thought
by JAY LEHMAN, Naboo Russian Blues, Truluck Abyssinians & Sourirbleu Chartreux

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The month of April is nearing its end . . .

As the season enters into its final weeks, I thought I'd pass along some food for thought about cat showing. It is modified from a sports code of conduct—but I think it applies equally to the cat fancy.

  1. Treat other persons as you know they should be treated, and as you wish them to fairly treat you.
  2. Regard the rules as agreements, the spirit or letter of which you should not evade or break.
  3. Treat officials and opponents with respect.
  4. Accept absolutely and without quarrel the final decision of any official.
  5. Honor visiting exhibitors and spectators as your own guests and treat them as such. Likewise, behave as an honored guest when you visit another show.
  6. Be gracious in victory and defeat;
    learn especially to take defeat well.
  7. Be as cooperative as you are competitive.
  8. Remember that your actions in and out of the ring reflect on you and the cat fancy in general.

I think if we all looked inward sometimes at how we act, we'd be less concerned about what is wrong with everyone else.

Just some food for thought . . .

About The Author:

Jay Lehman began in the cat fancy in TICA and then moved to CFA after moving from Alaska to the "lower 48." 

He started showing and breeding Russian Blues then added Abys after marrying Gina Wiley. 

Jay is an active member of show producing clubs and the Russian Blue Fanciers breed club. 

His cats over the years have earned the titles of Supreme Grand Champion/Alter (in TICA) and Grand Champion/Premier (in CFA).  He has bred and/or shown two TICA Regional Winners and One CFA National Winner with the Russian Blues, and was co-owner of CFA's Best Cat in Premiership for the 2003 ~ 2004 show season.   Jay also is the Web Master of

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