Free DNA Blood Type Testing For Ragdolls

Published August 2007

U.C. Davis is offering free DNA testing for blood type for Ragdolls.

The DNA test for cat blood group factors has not been fully validated in the Ragdoll breed. In some animals, results from DNA and serological tests are not concordant.

To assist with current research at U.C. Davis to investigate the nature of these differences, the Veterinary Genetics Laboratory (VGL) invites owners of Ragdoll cats to submit a blood sample and cheek swab for cat blood grouping tests using both the serological and DNA methods. These tests will be performed at no cost and VGL will provide results from both tests to the owners.

For the serological test, a blood sample with 1-3 cc of blood in purple top tubes (EDTA) is requested.

This request will be honored through December 31, 2007.

Please download and complete this form:

They request that, along with the form above, you submit a blood sample with 1-3 cc of blood in purple top tubes (EDTA) and a two cotton swab DNA sample, all in the same package and mailed to the address given on the form.



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