The Function Of The Cat Breeder

Published May 2009

What is the function of the cat breeder?

Look up the definition of " breeder" in the dictionary and you will find it is defined as a person who practices the vocation of mating carefully selected specimens of the same breed to reproduce specific, consistently replicable qualities and characteristics.

The breeder might be a farmer, an agriculturalist, or a hobbyist.

A breeder can practice on a large or small scale.

The reasons for being a breeder may be for food, fun, or for profit.

This seems to be a good starting point... but in trying to define the function of a cat breeder, we should be able to compose a definition that is more specific to the feline fancy.

Although each person must define their purpose as a cat breeder individually, there are probably some functions with which most people would agree...

A cat breeder's function is:

  • To attempt to produce a living creature of great beauty, using a written standard of perfection as a guideline.
  • To provide the new purchaser with a healthy, well-cared-for kitten that will fulfill expectations in terms of disposition and appearance.
  • To provide expert advice to the kitten buyer regarding the particular breed and the care and health of cats in general.
  • To educate and encourage the public upon the choice of a pedigreed cat as a family pet.
  • To promote the welfare of all cats.

But is there more we should do or be as cat breeders? What do you think? What is a cat breeder's function? Please send me an email at to share your ideas...

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