Junior Showmanship Winners in CFA 2003

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We are pleased to announce the following Junior Showmanship winners for 2003!

It should be noted the program rules require attendance at a minimum of 3 shows at the junior/senior level to be eligible to receive an award. Therefore, a missing award (e.g. 2nd Best Junior in region 1) may be caused by the minimum show requirement not being met. Official
letters will be sent via regular mail next week to all participants.

Below are the standings for Junior Showmanship 2002-2003.

Children 8-11 years compete in the Junior Division. The Senior Division is for participants 12-15 years old.

Scoring is based on the judges' averaged numerical scores, rankings and comments as well as the number of JS competitors defeated to obtain a Best or Second Best award.

North Atlantic
Best Senior - Justin Wiedemeier
2nd Best Senior - Megan Asper
Best Junior - Melonie Walsh
2nd Best Junior - Ashley Magill-Day

Best Junior - Nicole Nelson

Gulf Shore
Best Senior - Teale Peck
2nd Best Senior - Jill Tittle
Best Junior - Mali Darr
2nd Best Junior - Taylor T.S. Peck

Great Lakes
Best Senior - Kelsey Friemoth
2nd Best Senior - Marianna Johnson
Best Junior - Katlynn Parriet



Best Senior - Bailey Monroe
2nd Best Senior - Erica Hanson
Best Junior - McKenzie Burnett
2nd Best Junior - Aaron Kempkes

Best Senior - Barbara Epstein
2nd Best Senior - Kasey Milliken
Best Junior - Kristina Wilson
2nd Best Junior - Elizabeth Herr

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