Junior Showmanship: The CFA International 2002

Published November 2002

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(front row, l-r) Kelsey, Marianna, Erica, Bailey, Ashley.
(2nd row l-r) Elizabeth, Brianna, McKenzie, Taylor.
(3rd row l-r) Judge Pam Delabar, Melissa, Samantha, Hayle, Erika, Kevin.
(back row l-r) Barbara, Kasey, Matthew, Teale, Lauren, Justin, Preisdent Donald Williams

PandEcats.com and ShowCatsOnline.com would like to congratulate the winners of the Junior Showmanship competition at the CFA International Show 2002 held in November in Houston, Texas.

Everyone was a winner! These kids have great breed knowledge and it is from the ranks of Junior Showmanship that future judges will come!

Pam DelaBar judged the Invitational participants and Gloria Hoover judged the Open participants.

The Junior Competition was won by Briana Hanson showing a Maine Coon. The Senior Category was won by Barbara Epstien showing a Javanese. The complete results and list of participants include:


1) Briana L. Hanson
DeBary, Florida
Maine Coon, 10 Month Male

Taylor T.S. Peck
Denver, Colorado
Abyssinian, 9 Month Neuter

McKenzie Burnett
Independence, Missouri
Bombay, 5 Month Spay

Elizabeth Herr
Valrico, Florida
Burmese, 1 Year-4 month old male

Ashley Magill-Day
Gorham, Maine
1 Year Female

Kevin Capron
Cheyenne, Wyoming
Ocicat 7 Month Male

Senior Placements 1-5:

1) Barbara Epstien
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Javanese, 2 Year, 7 Month Neuter

2) Bailey W. Monroe
Lincoln, Nebraska
American Wirehair, 6 Month Female

3) Marianna Johnson
Kalamazoo, Michigan
American Shorthair, 8 Month Male

4) Justin Wiedemeir
Woodbury, New Jersey
Japanese Bobtail 11 Month Neuter

5) Lauren Gonono
Wexford, Pennsylvania
Persian, 1 Year Male

Erika P. Burnett
Independence, Missouri
Japanese Bobtail, 6 Month Male

Melissa Gilkerson
Findley, Ohio
Japanese Bobtail, 6 Month Female

Erica Hanson
Huntington, Indiana
Exotic, 1 Year Female

Teale M. Peck
Denver, Colorado
Maine Coon, 4 Month Female

Halye McFadyen
Hyde Park, Utah
Maine Coon, 4 Month Female

Matthew Zaborney
Belford, New Jersey
Maine Coon, 2 Year Spay

Kasey Milliken
Wilmington, North Carolina
Persian, 1 year, 7 Month Female

Samantha Zettler
Merritt Island, Florida
American Curl, 4 Month Male

Kelsey Marie Friemoth
Ottawa, Ohio
American Bobtail, 8 Month Male


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