Late Kitten Registration Numbers

Published May 2003

Until now, although you could enter a kitten in a CFA show without its registration number, the kitten would not be scored for the show.

In other words, the kitten would not be credited with any points for the finals it made nor would its name appear in the Almanac results.

Effective with the 2003-2004 show season, there is a change that will help those exhibitors who may have been a bit slow in getting their kitten registered.

Exhibitors have until 5 PM on the Tuesday immediately following a show to submit a kitten registration number so that the kitten will be scored for the show.

  • If the paperwork to register the kitten has already been submitted to CFA but a registration number has not yet been assigned to it, there is an additional $25.00 fee to expedite the registration process.
  • If the paperwork has not yet been submitted, it can be sent via an overnight service to arrive prior to 5 PM Tuesday. The fee will be $25.00 for the expedited registration, plus the $25.00 scoring fee.

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