Looking Back; Looking Forward

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The show season is finished — a new season begins . . .

And kitten season is in full flood. It is an exciting time in the cat fancy.

The big winners of the season past have a lot on their plate from ordering show photos for awards booklets and to buying fancy duds for the banquets . . .

At the regional and national levels, committees are preparing trophies, booking hotel ballrooms, deciding on menus . . .

Some exhibitors hunting for the last few points to finish off a Grand, or primping a promising kitten for the shows . . . and some are already making plans for their NEXT campaign!

Some exhibitors have reached the heights, their goals fulfilled.

Some didn't quite make it — not because their cats were not deserving, but just because of circumstances . . . low count shows, a hiccup on the campaign trail, or an unexpected illness . . .

Looking Back

If you have had a great season, looking back with enjoyment and satisfaction is easy -- and a joy.

If you have not met your goals, looking back it may have seemed a waste of your time and money and emotions — just disappointments and bitterness — but wait. Weren't there things you gained from even an unsuccessful show campaign?

  • The Judges: You probably know more about the judges. Which ones loved your cat. Which ones didn't. Which ones you might give another try. Perhaps a judge you will try to avoid in the future. You have information that will help you during your next campaign.
  • Competitors: Did you learn more about your competitors? Did you make a new friend or two? Did you help someone when they needed it?
  • Socializing: Even the most disappointing show campaign still includes good times shared with friends. Dinners. Laughter. Interesting conversations. Take time to remember the good times (not just the missed finals).
  • Grooming: Perhaps you picked up a special tip about how to groom your cat better. This is something that will benefit you and you cats for years to come.
  • Self-Confidence: Did you overcome a new challenge during the campaign? A flat tire? Hotel mix-up? A night spent in an airport when a flight was delayed? Take pride in you ability to handle the unexpected problem.

Looking Forward

Now look forward to the new season. It is always an exciting. You have a clean slate . . . now go write on it . . .


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