Medical Information Via Microchips

Published April 2006

St. Paul, Minnisota-based Digital Angel Corporation announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted the company a patent for a syringe-implantable microchip that uses radio frequency technology to determine the body temperature of its host animal.

Potential applications for the chip include non-invasive monitoring of temperatures in cats, dogs, livestock and horses and early detection of infectious diseases such as bird flu in poultry.

The patented technology covers a passive transponder, a sensor and integrated circuit that together make it possible for someone with a scanner to determine the body temperature of an animal implanted with the Bio-Thermo.

Bio-Thermo microchips are currently being sold in the United Kingdom, Japan and the Philippines, Digital Angel says, with patents covering the Bio-Thermo RFID technology currently pending in several other countries. The company has begun marketing the chips in the U.S. equine market, it says, and is preparing to sell the microchips for the companion animal market, as well.

Digital Angel Corporation develops advanced RFID and GPS technologies that enable rapid and accurate identification, location tracking, and condition monitoring of high-value assets. Applications for our products include identification and monitoring of pets, humans, fish and livestock through our patented implantable microchips as well as message monitoring of aircraft in remote locations through integrated GPS and geosynchronous satellite communications systems.

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