New Award For Veterans in CFA Region 2!

by Linda Osburn
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Published November 2004

The Veterans class allows older cats to shine in a venue just for them. Several clubs in CFA have offered the class for a few years now.

One of the largest Veteran's classes was held in the Northwest Region 2 in 2002 at the Oregon Cats Inc.

There were 11 cats competing and judged in one ring. In fact, you can get a good idea of the veteran cats and the fun they (and their owners) had by reading our article titled The Veteran's Class.

Betty Denny judges a Veterans Class of 11 cats

What Is A Veteran's Class?

It is for the CFA Registered cats that are 7 years old and older and eligible for competition. They do not compete in any other classes such as Championship or Premiership... only the Veterans Class.

Why Show Older Cats?

  • This is an excellent way to show breeds in their full maturity.
  • Since breed standards may place the emphasis on younger cats, this would be a great class to encourage the showing of older specimens.
  • Judges would benefit from the opportunity to see and handle fully-mature cats.
  • Fanciers would appreciate seeing mature individuals of breeds other than their own.
  • Breeders would gain the advantage of being able to evaluate how well certain lines develop as they mature.

Why Some Older Cats Still Want To Go To The Shows... :-)

PandEcats interviewed some senior citizen kitties and here were their comments:

  • I miss going to the shows
  • I love to show off
  • I like the special "alone" time with my "mum" in the hotel rooms
  • I like traveling in the car - as long as it's not going to the vets
  • I like the way everyone at the show hall tells me how beautiful I am


I got to thinking about the veteran's class one day not long ago. I was thinking about the let-down I felt after the season was over and I couldn't show my National winner or my Regional winner again... or just the special cat that was being shown all season.

Looking into those sad little kitty eyes as I pack the "show bag" for the next season's cat, I just knew the retired show kitty wanted to go too.

How much they loved the shows and the time we spent together in hotels and airplanes or driving to shows and just plain having fun for 12 months.

Inspiration & A Go Ahead!

I really think the older cats needed a new "goal" just for them :-). The Veteran
Class may also be a way for people to show again who been on hiatus from the shows - perhaps stopped breeding or simply needed some time off for one reason or another. The Veterans Class are a place for breeders to come back to show one or two of their favorite cats.

I contacted our Regional Director, Dick Kallmeyer, and asked if we could present awards for some of the top Veteran Cats at the end of the season. He agreed!

Region 2 will be the first region in CFA to give Trophies or Rosettes to the top 3 Veterans of the show season in our region.

Clubs would need to offer the Veteran's Class. The usual fee is lower than championship and the cats are usually judged in all rings, although a club may opt for less.

The Veterans Class Wheel Chair Race

For the 2004-2005 show season, 4 clubs have banded together to offer Veteran's classes at their shows - and the combined classes have been called "Veterans Class Wheel Chair Race". The top cats earning the most points in the four shows will earn special awards for Top Veterans. The four shows include :

                       Rose City Cat Fanciers, Portland, OR
                           September 11th & 12th, 2004

                           Emerald Cat Club, Salem, OR
                            November 6th and 7th, 2004

                    Lewis & Clark LH Cat Club, Portland OR
                            December  4th and 5th, 2004

                                   Oregon Cats Inc
                            February 5th and 6th, 2005

For more information about the Veterans Classes in the above cat shows, go to

The Best Overall Veteran from 8 rings at Oregon Cats Inc will also be awarded a "free" airline ticket to anywhere in North America, including Canada. The winners of the Wheel Chair Race prizes will announced and the prizes awarded at this show too

Manx Ltd Cat Club

The clubs offering classes for the Veteran's Class Wheel Chair Race are not the only clubs offering the Veterans class in Region 2. The Manx Ltd show to be held on January 8th and 9th, 2005 has the Veterans competing in all 8 rings for a $30 entry fee - with prizes offered by sponsor Royal Canin for the top three highest scoring Veterans of the show! For more info, go to

Veteran's Cats Email List

The Veteran Cats email "list" has been started for those showing their older, retired show cats that still miss the show rings.Go to

The Challenge

The Northwest Region is committed to developing new adventures for the Veteran cat and its owner. The ball is rolling... How about the rest of the regions in CFA?

Your cat can be a star!

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