New CFA National Awards Structure
Published January 2016

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The Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA)  was established in the United States in 1906.

Over the years, as circumstances changed and evolved, so has CFA, with the number of national titles awarded each year increasing as CFA grew.

With continued growth and expansion around the world, the current Board has unveiled a new structure for earning National Awards that will address the challenges of global competition — in particular the unprecedented growth of the cat fancy in China and the concern that cats outside of China find it difficult to attend their shows to compete because of China's quarantine requirements.

National Scoring & Awards for 2015-2015 Show Season

The biggest change to the National Awards is that they will now be awarded within 3 separate geographic areas:

  • Regions 1-9 (US, Japan & Europe)
  • ID-China (International Division - China)
  • ID-Other (International Division - Other than China)

For the 2015-2016 season only, the top 25 cats in each category (Championship, Kitten, Premiership) in each geographic area will be awarded the NW title, provided they reach the following minimum number of points:

  • Championship – 4300 points
  • Kitten – 1800 points
  • Premiership – 2200 points

Cats continue to earn points from any show they attend around the world, regardless of the geographic area in which they live and are ranked for national titles..

The 2015-2016 awards structure should be considered "transitional". It is unlikely that all of the top 25 cats in each geographic region will earn the stated minimum number of points in each category.

National Scoring & Awards for 2016-2017 Show Season

For the 2016-2017 show season, the geographic categories remain in effect, but the number of NW titles awarded in ID-China and ID-Other will be calculated as a ratio of the total number of cat cats present at shows in their separate geographic areas compared to the total number of cats present at shows in North America.

National Scoring & Awards for 2016-2017 Show Season
Geographic Area
Number of NW Awards
Minimum # of Points
Regions 1-9
25 in each category.

Championship – 4300

Kitten – 1800

Premiership – 2200

Ratio of cats present at shows in China
compared to cats present at shows in North America
in each category
Ratio of cats present at shows
in the International Division excluding China
compared to cats present at shows in North America
in each category
  • The ratio will be calculated based on a full season of data from the 2015-2016 season and released in May 2016 on the CFA website.
  • The distribution of NWs will be updated each May after the final show counts are reported.
  • The minimum points required for any NW in any area could change over time as deemed necessary.
  • .The residency requirement for NW titles will be the same as the residency requirement for the regions but extended to the geographic area level.
  • Cats that earn points at shows outside of their area can keep those points for the NW award within their own area.
  • No more than one NW per category per cat per season.
  • The International Show is not used in calculations to determine the number of awards per geographic area.

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