Registering a Permanent Cattery Name in CFA

Published October 2003

While you are an active breeder, your cattery name is yours.

But what happens after you retire from breeding? After you pass away? After your cattery name "lapses".

In theory, another breeder can come along and not being aware that you had once chosen the cattery name, they can in all innocence, choose the same name and it would indeed be available to them.

Not only is this an unfair infringement upon your accomplishments as a breeder, it can be very confusing to future linechasers who suddenly see the same cattery name in pedigrees and assume it is the same cattery - and yet it is two entirely different breeders with entirely different breeding programs - and possibly even different breeds!

So, how can such confusion be avoided?

You can register and reserve your cattery name in CFA forever!

Of course, there are some hoops you must jump through first :-).

Before you can apply to CFA for application of a permanent cattery:

  • You must already have a current CFA registered cattery name.
  • The Cattery must have produced at least five Grand Champions.
  • The Cattery must have also produced at least 5 additional cats who have earned at least one of the following titles: Grand Champion, Grand Premier or Distinguished Merit.
  • The Cattery must have registered a minimum of 10 litters born during a 10-year period with the birth date of the oldest litter being at least 10 years prior to the application for a permanent cattery name and the birth date of the youngest litter being at least 10 years after that of the oldest litter.
  • The Cattery owner must submit an application for permanent registration of their cattery name along with a fee of $100.

The requirements are to ensure that a permanent cattery name belongs to a breeder who has made a significant contribution to the betterment of their breed.

So... do you qualify... yet? If you do, consider protecting and preserving your cattery name by making it a permanent part of CFA history.

Your cat can be a star!

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