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by Deborah Hudson
Dreamhimi Cattery

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Pink Solution is an organic, bio-degradable, non-toxic, all-purpose cleaner that is significantly different from most other cleaners "on the shelf". While it cleans as well as other cleaning products, it does so without using toxic chemicals or corrosive substances that could harm the skin, eyes or lungs of the users.

About Pink Solution

First manufactured in 1990 in Canada and named for its original color, Pink Solution is a natural enzyme cleaner which emulsifies dirt, grease and grime when mixed with water. Derived from seaweed kelp, the enzymes emulsify even old laundry and carpet stains. Because it contains no chemicals, Pink Solution can be inhaled, eaten and handled without any gloves without ill effects. Naturally, it is a perfect choice for use around children and pets.

To Use

Pink Solution is very concentrated, having the consistency of paste. It can be used full strength for difficult jobs but is more commonly diluted before use. To dilute, heat a small amount in the microwave then add to water. It is an all-purpose cleaner that can be used to clean everything from glass to carpets, stainless steel to wood furniture, floors, driveways and as a shampoo for pets!

Pink Solution's Unique Uses For Cats

A group of Himalayan breeders in Canada working with chocolate and lilac colors have been using Pink Solution for some time and love it! They include:

  • John & Galina Friesen of Prairiecat cattery in Strathmore, Alberta
  • Jan Finley of Eagles Wings cattery in Victoria, Vancouver Island, BC
  • Susan & Keri Williams of Scaatycats cattery in Victoria, Vancouver Island, BC
  • Deborah & Rick Hudson of Dreamhimi cattery in Port Moody, BC

These breeders have discovered that besides Pink Solution's obvious uses for safe cleaning in the cattery, it is also a useful shampoo and cleaning alternative for cats with skin conditions.

  • Degreaser: It gently degreases and conditions and helps remove oils in the coat. Pink Solution doesn't dry out the coat like some degreasers.
  • Dry Skin: It makes an excellent conditioning shampoo.
  • Face Cleaning: Cleaning crustiness from around the eyes and face of the cat.
  • Chin Acne: Susan Williams of Scaatycats cattery, discovered that when she used Pink Solution on a cat with bad chin acne it worked better than any other product she had tried.
  • Stud Tail: Use concentrated Pink Solution for stud tail. Warm the concentrate and gently massage it into the tail for a few minutes before rinsing it out.
  • Ringworm: Pink Solution instructions suggests that it has anti-fungal properties, so for catteries experiencing a problem with Ringworm, it may be worth considering adding Pink Solution to their protocol to battle fungus.


Pink Solution is sold in Canada in many IGA, Save On Foods, Super Value, Canadian Tire, and Home Hardware stores. It can also be purchased online directly from the Pink Solution website at

About The Author:

Rick and Deborah Hudson began Dreamhimi cattery in 2002 when their life long dream of owning their first home became a reality.

Deborah's love of cats began when during summers living with her grand parents in the 1960's. Ted and Lillian Perkins showed and bred chocolate and lilac point Siamese, Burmese, and Tonkinese

Deborah's "Himalayan" dream first started about thirty years ago when she first saw a beautiful long haired seal point "Siamese looking" cat with deep blue eyes cat at a cat show in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada.

Dreamhimi cattery is working on developing silver and lynx pointed Himalayans and Chocolate and Lilac CPC's. Rick and Deborah Hudson can be seen exhibiting their himis at TICA North West Region shows in Canada and some CFA Region 2 shows in Washington state, USA.

Deborah is a member of a new CFA cat club starting up in BC called Westcoastcats ( Deborah is pictured with CFA CH Dreamhimi's Waylon Jennings now residing with Lewis Fung Ka Wai of Nekodynasty Cattery, Hong Kong.

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